Jonathan Phelps Westboro Baptist Left a Comment for Me – Here’s the Rest of the Story

On April 21st I wrote a post about the loss of a Brandon, Mississippi Marine who died in action in Afghanistan on April 7th. Fox News reported that Westboro Baptist Church turned up for the funeral services to lay the Warrior to rest. Jonathan Phelps from Westboro Baptist left a comment for me on the post, and friends, he thinks I am AWESOME! Here’s the rest of the story. See an update below.


First, I’m not mentioning the name of the Marine who died on the same page with Jonathan Phelps’ name. Second I have thought about whether giving Phelps a forum here is a good idea, but he seems to be calling Fox News and The Hayride News and Commentary, the source for the Fox story, liars. And then there’s this, The Hayride apparently got their story from “an Ole Miss sports message board,” so…. Finally, since this is the Internet, I must acknowledge that it’s possible this comment was left by someone other than Jonathan Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church – a joke or a prank, perhaps?

The story was that some unnamed members of Westboro Baptist went to Brandon for the Marine’s funeral service. The town of Brandon, Mississippi was ready for them. If true, what Rankin County Mississippi did is the stuff of legends, especially considering the heartbreak Westboro has brought to the families of our Warriors. Phelps says the story is “fiction,” they were not in Brandon. At least now Rankin County won’t have to worry about a First Amendment lawsuit from this bunch of haters.

After posting my story here, I also put it at Stop the ACLU where I contribute. Jonathan Phelps left the following comment at STACLU:

Dear Friends:

Just when we thought there was no completely new and original way to get the whole nation talking about the faithful ministry of WBC, you found one. You are AWESOME!

Never mind that the story was complete fiction (since we never have and never would waste time driving that far when a plane and rental car is far more efficient), you got people to get an accurate picture of the face of a doomed nation that will no longer endure sound Bible doctrine and therefore God sends them a spirit of lawlessness as divine judgment.

You saved us funds to attend funerals for soldiers and others in Nebraska, Iowa, and Oklahoma, while still guaranteeing that our core message (God is bringing this evil nation into judgment in an open and notorious manner,  chiefly by slaughtering their young and their soldiers, because you have turned the country over to the sodomites) has reached a huge audience AGAIN!

Thank you for your faithlessness and your rage against God (that He turns as a testimony for us). If we weren’t busy planning funeral pickets for the latest GodSmack victims, we would send a representative to come and give you a BIG hug!

These words we preach are going to be heard in the ears of 310 million american brutes, by hook or crook, and you are powerless to stop them.  That’s how God rolls.

Jonathan Phelps on behalf of Westboro Baptist Church

Mr. Phelps has been busy tonight. He’s left the same comment on several other posts around the InterTubes. You can read my original story here.

My friend Lobo, an administrator at Stop the ACLU, left the following comment for Jonathan Phelps:


The US Supreme Court in Lawrence vs Texas turned this country over to the sodomites. Did you picket them?

Several of the states’ Federal, Supreme and Appellate courts have turned their states over to sodomites. are you picketing them?

State legislatures? No? US Congress? No?

Are you picketing any schools?

How about the many ‘gay pride parades’ from NY to Chicago to San Fransicko?

It’s not about sodomites or even a country turned over to sodomites…it’s about money. It’s about a family of scammers playing the ‘taxpayer lotto.’

You’re not going after the target rich environment because there isn’t enough money in it. The money is in the government awards for failing to protect and serve.

You and your family are not against sodomites, Jonathan. You, and your “church” depend on them to make your living.

You and yours won’t go after that which you rail against when you can go after the dead and poke people’s emotion, hoping to turn it into cash.

Dry bones, Jonathan, dry bones!

  • Maggie … I would leave a comment but Jonathan Phelps isn’t worth a comment. Did I just make a comment? I’m so sorry.

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  • Well if they didn’t block the hatemongers in the parking lot, then it’s at least a good idea for future venues. Attacking people with hateful rhetoric during a funeral for their lost CHILD is brutal and beyond low. I think they should park semi trucks or gigantic motor homes behind them to as to be sure and stump the tow trucks long enough to finish the funeral in peace. But that’s just me.

  • Ran

    There are types who run under the name “Phelps” who happen to also be first-rate litigators who sue others for defamation & libel as a primary means of income. Someone by the name “Phelps” even runs a faux-“church” and offers repeated faux-“protesting” in order to draw enough controversy that inevitable errors are made and – VOILA! – his real skill as a litigation attorney comes into play. Yeah, I know it sounds cynical and downright sicker than the “hate” thing – but being in the business of suing others for a living must have a moral advantage somewhere. Then again, I could be wrong.

  • Peggy Middleton

    I think the first sentence is telling. They seem to be willing to go to any lengths to get attention. The question is, “Who are they being faithful to?” Jesus told us pretty clearly that there are only 2 commandments we need to adhere to and if we do so, everything else will fall into place. 1. Love God 2 Love others. There is nothing loving in what these people do.

  • Oh my goodness, those people are deluding themselves. I would hate to be them on Judgment Day.

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  • BobF

    I’m wondering who’s on these juries who are awarding these lowlifes money?

    By Phelps own words, they travel by plane and rental cars. Both planes and rental cars cost a lot of money. I always wonder just where does this small group get their money for this travel? He only has about 100 in his congregation, so the money has to come from somewhere. You can win court settlements but they can take a while before they pay out. Since Phelps was a fund raiser for Al Gore and former Democrat candidate for governor of Kansas, I’m wondering if some left wing organization like are backing them. After all, this would be right down Soros alley.

  • I concur with Debbie.

    On Judgment Day, the Lord is going to hold these despicable people accountable.

  • DB

    But the WBC *does* picket schools. They’ve picketed a whole lot of places other than military funerals. They’ve picketed outside small businesses in their own hometown that they identified as “fag businesses” because they had a gay employee, and basically forced those business to fire those gay employees in order to make the protests go away. THEY PICKETED AT MATTHEW SHEPHARD’S FUNERAL, for God’s sake. Y’know why they started showing up at military funerals? Because people like you don’t give a shit about what they do to gays. They had to attack military families in order to get your attention. And while you make a big deal about how horrible it is that they show up at military funerals, it’s pretty obvious that you *still* don’t give a shit about what they do to gays or their families. Your highly selective outrage only puts you a couple notches higher than the WBC. And by the way, you can thank the ACLU for your right to run this stupid ignorant blog. Instead of whining about the ACLU, I would suggest that you and your kind simply stop pushing public policies that you *know* aren’t going to stand up to court challenges.