John Edwards Depressed, Suicidal?

Former U.S. Senator, two-time presidential candidate, and full-time pond scum John Edwards is said to be depressed and suicidal, reportedly telling a friend he would kill himself before he goes to prison. Friends say he has lost 20 pounds, but no one is claiming the weight loss is due to his death of his estranged, but still legal wife, Elizabeth, just a few months ago.

John Edwards

Edwards’ mistress, mother of another child, and fiance, Rielle Hunter, is suing Edwards’ former aid Andrew Young for the return of a graphic sex tape taken as professional videographer Hunter allegedly held the camera as John did whatever it is that he did.

A close friend of Edwards,’ speaking anonymously said John told him “I won’t go to jail. I’d kill myself first:”

According to the Enquirer, a close source said: ‘I think John is suicidal. He knows that if he’s indicted, prosecutors will try to get him to serve jail time and make an example of him.

‘He’s absoluetly despondent over the fear of prison.

‘Over the last year, he’s lost about 20lb and friends are concerned that he’s escaping reality with booze.

In early March, his legal team told him there was a strong chance he could be indicted, and John completely lost it.

‘He cried his eyes out and said, “I won’t go to jail. I’d kill myself first!”‘

Edwards is being investigated by a Grand Jury for payments made while running for president, not from his own pocket, for the care and breeding of Rielle Hunter.

The Hill:

Edwards may face indictment from a federal grand jury for having allegedly conspired with campaign donors in an attempt to get a former campaign aide to claim paternity of Hunter’s child.

I mentioned above that Edwards and Hunter are engaged. The Enquirer reported that John asked the other mother of his other child to marry him less than a month after Elizabeth Edwards died from metatastic breast cancer, but John says that story is false. He also said Hunter’s daughter, Francis Quinn, wasn’t his.