John Boehner: CRA Vote in House Today

At least that is what the AP is reporting, saying Democrats are pressing for a longer-term solution rejected Boehner’s proposition. How hilarious is it that Democrats now want a long-term budget. April 15th, one year ago, the Democrat Congress passed on fulfilling their Constitutional duties and smoothed-on by providing the country with a budget. Shameful, shameful. ABC says Boehner will bring a short-term CRA to the House floor today. No deal has been reached with the White House. When new details on the CRA are available, I’ll have them here.

John Boehner

Today’s CRA will cover the following according to ABC:

…he will bring to the floor the GOP’s short-term one-week extension that cuts $12 billion while funding the Pentagon for the rest of the fiscal year.

“We’re going to be prepared to move forward with our troop funding bill that would fund our troops, keep the government open for another week, and cut $12 billion in spending. I think this is the responsible thing to do for the United States Congress, and I would hope the Senate could pass it and the president would sign it into law,” Boehner said. “Republicans have no interest in shutting down the government. Shutting down the government I think is irresponsible and I think it’ll end up costing the American taxpayers more money than we’re already spending. And I believe that our members want to support our troops, want to pay our troops, and we’re going to do the responsible thing tomorrow.”

Fox News, Brett Baier I think, just said that the House requires a certain time period for new bills, and even if a deal is reached, we may still need the CRA until the legislation kicks in.