Jim Moran ‘Sit Down or Leave” to Veteran: Moran’s Long History of Outrageous Abuse of Power

In the videos below, Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) eventually tells a 27-year disabled veteran to “sit down or leave,” but he does listen to quite a long indictment (2nd video). Then Moran blames it all on Republicans. Two videos below, one the last part of the veteran’s complaints, and the second the whole encounter, but in both you’ll see Moran be patronizing, and then burst into anger, which the record shows is not uncommon.

Later, Moran opines that the American people “will decide how important government services are in their lives.”

From WUSA9.com (calls the event The “Shutdown” Town Hall Meeting):

Almost as soon as the microphones opened up to public, people began sounding off. Many of the comments were direct criticisms aimed at Moran himself.

Remember that many, many federal employees live in Virginia.

Jim Moran remembered:

In the Health Care debate, he used the “F” word in relation to Barack Obama, and famously said in June 2010 Obama had created more jobs than Bush generated in 8 years. And this:

Moran also said the last half a year “may be the most successful last six months in American presidential history,…”

Remember when young Jason Mattera confronted moran on the $12 MILLION of stimulus money that went to Moran’s non-existent district? There’s a video as well.

There’s the “mishandling of an eight year old (not mention his wife’s claims of violence) (thanks to Reason):

Perhaps it was the stress of being in the top 5 percent of income earners, yet broke, that caused him to freak out while visiting an after-school center in Alexandria, Virginia last April. Moran, at this time driving a 1999 Toyota Avalon paid for with campaign contributions, was accused of inappropriately handling an eight-year- old, who he collared and brought to justice after the little tyke tried to carjack Moran. Moran said he feared the bulge in the boy’s pocket was a gun – how was he to know it was actually a baby bottle full of candy? – and that the kid threatened to shoot him if Moran didn’t hand over the car keys. Moran challenged the child’s parenting in the press. The kid’s mom challenged Moran’s judgment.

Click the Reason link above, there’s so much more, like: $25,000 loan from a lobbyist, at 8% interest and not completion date, but callable at any time (a puppet-on-a-string). Lovely position for a member of Congress.

And then a “pay-to-play” scheme involving Moran: receiving $177,700 fromPMA group (Sept 2010):

Moran has been involved in pay-to-play schemes for a long time. His corruption is finally coming to light, and it’s time the voters of the 8th District stand up and say enough is enough

DOJ investigation – Earmark Scandals (more on the “pay-to-play scandal).

About the people in Virginia’s 8th District who keep voting for this corrupt congressman, and former professional boxer: He won again in November 2010 against a Tea Party candidate. Moran is fond of saying Republicans won in 2010 because Obama is Black.

Jim Moran: Shut-Up to a Veteran (video)

Jim Moran: Shut-Up or Leave to a Veteran (video)

  • Mike Smith

    I just called Mr. Moran’s office to complain about the way he treated this disabled veteran. I had to call three times, as I was rudley hung up on three times. In one such hangup, I asked if she could deliver a message to the congressman for me. She replied, “no” and then hung up on me. It appears she has taken lessons on how to deal with constituents from the congressman.

    This encounter left me with a bad taste in my mouth. This next election cycle I will be sending my money to Mr. Moran’s opponent!!!

  • Much to my disgust, Moran is my Representative in Congress. He typically runs opposed or badly trounces his opponent. **sigh**