Is it Possible? Obamas Cancel a Vacation? Nah.

The Obamas have a trip to Williamsburg coming up this weekend. It has been”long-planned,” but the White House teases: if the government shutdown fight is not over, Big Guy may have to stay home. I’m thinking he will be in Williamsburg, but not because any significant work has been accomplished. Today there is a no-fly zone set up for the area that will continue through Monday. How do the Obama girls miss so much school? Source: DailyPress

Here's to America!

Karen at The Lonely Conservative reminisces:

With all the turmoil at home and abroad – a government about to shut down, three wars two wars and a kinetic military action, a nation on the brink of insolvency, gas prices going up, wages going down, etc. – you’d think the President would find it important to stick around Washington, DC. Even if he does nothing, maybe he could at least try to pretend he’s some sort of leader…

Consider the Obama’s lavish lifestyle a public service. While so many Americans suffer through this rotten economy and endure the inflation caused by his policies, we can still live vicariously through the Obama family. Lucky us.

That pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?

How about a visual? Something more specific than ice cream dates? Doug Ross has the President’s not-so-busy calendar/schedule.

Memorandum is talking about the leader of the Free World!

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  • I saw that last picture of Obama, with yet another ice cream cone in his mouth, and I thought, “There sure are a lot of pictures of Obama eating ice cream”, and then I realized he’s only trying to stimulate the dairy industry!

  • It may be that Obama sees the role of president as a largely ceremonial one, like the Queen in England? He can fight Michelle for the “Queen of the US” title.

  • He’s always sucking on something. Makes one wonder, ya reckon?

  • TJ Hammond

    Guess he’s trying to catch up with the Reagans and the Bushes…He’s got a ways to go to catch “W” who spent roughly 30% of his two terms on vacation

  • I would just as soon he stay completely out of the oval office. Maybe he won’t screw as much up that way. Who paid for the ice cream?

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  • Thanks for the link. I just linked back. Love the schedule. Yeah, he’s working hard. And I’m Little Bo Peep.

  • I can’t say that Obama has done a great job, but I gotta give it to him he is doing his job but he should also know the right time to get a vacation.