Indiana Fleebaggers Hotel Paid for by Unions

It gets even better, some of the Unions picking up the almost $85,000 hotel tab were from out of state. Oh, and apparently the Democratic State Chairman told everyone he was “sponsoring” the fleebaggers on vacation, abdicating their sworn duty to the people, at the Comfort Suites in Urbana. Said he was paying $2500 a day, and had received some online contributions to do so.

Dan Parker - Indiana Democratic Party Chairman

From Hoosier Access:

Democratic State Chairman Dan Parker says he is sponsoring the House Democrats’ stay at an Urbana, Ill. hotel. Reached by phone in Washington, D.C. Parker said he is paying $2,500 a day. He says he’s received online contributions to help pay the cost and may solicit more.

Parker says he will pay the bill for as long as it takes.

“When you’re standing on principle,” he said, “It’s worth it.”

The problem is, a Campaign Finance Report filed by the Indiana Democratic Party showed the $85,000 bill was paid by Unions. Oops! Be sure to read the whole story at Hoosier Access linked above. You’ll find a link to the Campaign Finance Report there.

Thanks to @KristeeKelley for the tip.