Indiana Cuts ALL Funding to Planned Parenthood: Mitch Daniels Trouble Looming?

Indiana’s governor, Mitch Daniels, will soon have a bill on his desk to cut ALL government funding to Planned Parenthood, the first state to take such action if he doesn’t veto. Daniels is considered to be a probable candidate for the Republican party’s presidential bid in 2012. If he signs the bill, the state can lose $4 Million in federal grants, and risk the wrath at the voting booth of those supporting aborting a child.

Mitch Daniels

New American:

On Wednesday, Indiana’s House of Representatives voted 66 to 32 to approve a bill that cuts $3 million in federal money that the state distributes to Planned Parenthood. The legislation also bans all abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy unless there is evidence of a significant threat to the woman’s life or health. Finally, the bill requires doctors to inform women seeking abortions that life begins at conception and that those doctors performing abortions have admitting privileges at other hospitals. The bill was already approved by the Indiana Senate earlier this month.

Planned Parenthood (PP) is the largest supplier of abortion services to women in the United States – in fact, in 2009 PP performed an abortion on an average of every 95 SECONDS, 365 days a years! AND they donated $1 Million dollars to the Democrat party in 2010. Ladies, abortion is legal. Please pay for your own or don’t get pregnant.

  • Jimmie Kreizenbeck

    Maggie, yes, he would be taking a chance but I think there are more of “us” than than there are of “them”. Or at least I pray there are. I do not want to pay for the distruction of one of God’s gifts.

    • Jimmie, I assumed that was the case since both chambers passed the bill handily. It should serve Daniels well to be at the forefront of this history making bill.

  • If he vetoes it, his presidential aspirations are toast. If he signs it he could climb to the top rapidly. He put the state on solid financial footing and he’s just reformed education.

    I like him and I think he’d make a great president. I did not know about this looming vote. Thanks Maggie! I’ll be keeping my eye out for what happens

  • I am optimistic that the ebb and flow of politics of conscience will settle on what is right. I am not optimistic on any presidential aspirations Mitch Daniels may have due to the usual reasons. As with many other ‘conservative’ candidates he may have insurmountable political baggage. But that in no way diminishes his value as a champion for good.

    As an aside, ‘planned parenthood’ is an oxymoron or something equal to it. Unplanned parenthood would be a more accurate representation of their activities. As President Obama stated he did not want his daughters to be punished by having a child in reference to abortion. This is the man who is currently the leader of the free world. Disappointing to say the least.

  • Chicago Ray

    Hey Maggie and Kurt TOO longtime friends 🙂

    These leftists will be absolutely apoplectic over this news should it transpire into reality. These nuts might assassinate one of these govs they’re so ballsy in their bold kicks to the lefty free ride these places have gotten for 20 years.

    They’ve turned this place into a cesspool I never imagined would exist in this country and keep in mind I live north of Beirut on the lake over here. You used to at least be able to drive through the ghetto’s now you need a humvee..

  • Jimmie Kreizenbeck

    Maggie, I owe you an apology, my comment was misleading. I am not from Indiana, I meant if he does run for president I beleive there are more pro-life than pro-choice voters. And I assure you, we are working on building up those odds.

    • Oh, no apologies necessary. I think you are right, but I can tell you, there are many women who are conservative but still want the right, which they would have, but will they see defunding PP as okay with them. It is very discouraging to see these woman who are Republican, with the exception of abortion. They just will not vote Republican due to this one issue – even though abortion is still legal. They can’t seem to separate the right from the payment.

  • Jimmie Kreizenbeck

    You are right, I have know women like that. It was when I was faced with making a choice of my own that I realized which “side” I was on. They don’t seem to understand no group/club, political, social or religious can make everyone happy. There will always be parts that we don’t agree with.