Independents Wooed by Govt Handouts? Debt Ceiling Crash Next Week?

In a country where even a large percentage of the poorest have microphones and a cell phone, the dependence on our State has grown to mammoth proportions. Americans are not shy about taking a Government hand-out. The generation before me would done almost anything to keep from being on the Government dole. Not so today – in fact taking from those who pay taxes is seen as a badge of honor by many. According to the report below even Independents have a “give-me” attitude.

“It also comes as President Barack Obama is already in re-election mode, as he bets his massive spending will woo independents.”

Government Handouts

If you read the entire article below at Fox, you’ll see the statement that Obama is betting promises of handouts will “woo Independents.” That shocked me to my toes. Is that where Independents are today? If so, just how independent does it make them?

Fox Business:

U.S. households are now getting more in cash handouts from the government than they are paying in taxes for the first time since the Great Depression.

Households received $2.3 trillion in some kind of government support in 2010. That includes expanded unemployment benefits, as well as payments for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and stimulus spending, among other things.

But that’s more than the $2.2 trillion households paid in taxes, an amount that has slumped largely due to the recession, according to an analysis by the Fiscal Times.

Also, an estimated 59% of the 308.7 million Americans in this country get at least one federal benefit, according to the Census Bureau, based on 2009 data. An estimated 46.5 million get Social Security; 42.6 million get Medicare; 42.4 million get Medicaid; 36.1 million get food stamps; 12.4 million get housing subsidies; and 3.2 million get Veterans’ benefits.

And the handouts from the government have been growing. Government cash handouts account for a whopping 79% of household growth since 2007, even as household tax payments–for things like the income and payroll tax, among other taxes–have fallen by $312 billion.

For the trolls that will tell me that the wealthy and businesses are not paying their “fair share,” this from Fox’s Ray Hennessey (linked above):

“Because of the labor of the worker, companies generally have the ability to prosper and make more money, both for their employees and their owners,” which in turn creates tax revenues.

Seems like common sense, right? That’s because it is. But not in our country today. Somehow the DNA of our country is changing. Wealth creation is coming from DC, not from America’s entrepreneurs.

We are days away from hitting our debt ceiling. From all reports, it will be business as usual for Republicans and we will blithely approve the raising of that ceiling so that we can spend even more. Aaron Worthing at Patterico’s Pontifications explains the folly of the elected officials we send to Washington D.C. to protect our liberty and our Constitution:

Try this sometime.  Go to your local bank.  Tell them that you need a loan.  They will ask why, in one way or another.  When they ask why, explain to them that you already have a massive loan to someone else that you will not be able to repay unless you get this loan from them.  When they ask how you got that loan in the first place, then explain to them that this loan was taken out because otherwise you couldn’t have paid a previous loan.

And when they ask how you plan to pay off this loan, explain to them that surely someone else will loan you that money.

Then, let me know in the comments when they stop laughing at you.

The Lonely Conservative asks, if raising the debt limit is the change we’ve been waiting for:

It could happen even sooner, by the end of the week! Oh, and the debt ceiling was about $4 trillion less when Obama was inaugurated. He’s been racking up over $4 billion in debt per day. That’s some record he’s got there.

Better still, depending on your perspective, if the price of gas continues its upward trajectory, we could be looking at paying $6 per gallon at the pump by summer. Everything is going according to plan!

Independents, are you swayed toward Progressivism by Government handouts? Please, say it isn’t so. There is conversation going on at Memeorandum. Join it here.