If John Stossel Hasn’t…

convinced us of this Nation’s nanny, socialist, Big Government, bankrupting, victim-producing statist ways by now, it isn’t going to happen (and I’m speaking of “us” as enough of “us” to change the way Congress thinks). Have you seen Stossel’s special, Freeloaders on the Fox News Channel?  It has aired throughout this past week. If you haven’t seen it, and your kids haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

John Stossel

Like all of Stossel’s specials, this one leaves you enraged, or at least with the deep realization that these government traps, designed to allow the free flow of power to the House and Senate, must be stopped. But how? Stossel has been “informing” us for years now. We have all studied. We know the Constitution inside and out. Nevertheless, we cannot stop the newer, bigger, government we awake to every day.

Doug Ross was burning on the continuing resolution agreement yesterday, and no matter how you feel about that – whether Boehner did all that could be done under the circumstances, or not – we have to reconnoiter and refuse to accept that we cannot kill-off most of the self-propagating, stinking, rotting government. Doug has a message for the “old Republican bulls,” and, friends, this is the only solution, THE ONLY WAY, we can make America right and whole again:

And I have a message for them: we are going to overwhelm the legacy Republican Party with Constitutional conservatives (note: not “Tea Party extremists” like the Democrat caucus has instructed you to say) in 2012 and kick your asses out of the House leadership positions.

This, of course, applies to the Senate as well.

I remember just a couple of years ago when the kitchen table talk around my house was: the only way to change things is to stand on the steps of Congress. We did it, we stood there and stood there and stood there. We gathered on the Washington Mall. We walked the halls, and showed-up at every townhall and voted our one vote – and we DID send Constitutional conservatives to the House. But until the Fossils decide to do fearlessly what they must…ignore being called murderers, and hold to every advantage the leadership has, even if they fail in the shadow of a Democrat Senate, we will take one step forward and two back, as new government agencies spring up like fleas on a pup, the numbers of federal employees explodes, and money flows even though there is no budget to “appropriate.”

We need Republicans in both chambers at the microphone talking about a balanced budget amendment, and writing the debt ceiling into law. Those less involved need to hear it day in and day out, and from the mainstream media, not just on Fox.

From now until the 2012 election, we have to boldly accept that the Senate will be a problem. To say the Senate won’t pass what the House does may be reality, but it doesn’t change the fact that the House is it’s own entity, and must do the most it can do.

We MUST discharge the fear of the government-leech vote (ACORNs and community organized masses), and move forward. We cannot win this by believing the mass of entitlement Democrats will vote us out of office. There has to be confidence in the Conservative vote. We saw it in 2010. Why can’t we believe in it?  If we do, voters will begin to take notice…see some hope, and in November 2012 we WILL load the Senate with Constitutional conservatives.


  • That Obama held our soldiers’ pay hostage is sick. He is the lowest of the low. Veto indeed. He is lucky these men give him the time of day.

    • Opus, I hope we can keep this issue in front of the people between now and Nov. 2012. It is a proven fact. It should matter!

  • As you say, this will take fundamental change, real change, not the phony-baloney Obamatard kind.

    Paul Ryan has a plan, we need to support it. It is the best, most politically viable one out there. Some are already complaining it doesn’t cut enough, but I think he has hit a political sweet spot.

    • I analyzed Ryan’s budget last week, and it buys us some time, but nothing more. It’s a small step in the right direction, though, and the process has to start somewhere.

      • Country Thinker, I mentioned in the comment back to Silvefiddle that after the budget becomes reality (probably is some form not even close to what we have now) we need to keep cutting. If we get the budget and then stop, we are truly lost.

        I understand that monies will be appropriated, but the fact that none has been appropriated officially, hasn’t stopped Democrats. The urgency has to remain.

    • Hi Silver, if Ryan’s budget comes anywhere close to passing, then we should be able to start closing now whole departments. I believe there is a small bit of the budgets that cuts small departmental bits, but after the budget…we have to go for the whole pina colada.

      We need a mindset that once we have a budget, we will charge on, cutting and slashing at every opportunity.

      I am not unhappy with what happened. True, I would have been happier had more been done, and the way to do that was to really shutdown the government, for as long as it takes, but that didn’t happen, so we live with this.

  • Stossel is one of my three favorites in the TV media.

    • Trestin, I love Stossel and we see far too little of him, but the deal with Fox has really brought him into homes where we can be appreciate.

  • Michele Bachmann refers to the idea of not passing a continuing resolution to temporarily fund the government as a slowdown rather than a shutdown. Her description is accurate. She also has a detailed list of typical conditions of government during such an event.

    Saying ‘no’ is the only way you stop the liberal agenda. Not passing a CR on April 9 or before would have been appropriate. After all, the Democrats failed to produce a budget during an election year to save their own asses at the ballot box.

    People say POLS have to get tough, stand on principle and do the right thing. Sorry, that doesn’t mean get everyone else but me to pay for the problems. It means we all are responsible for allowing this to happen and we all have to pitch in.

    Show support and explain this to your reps, etc. If spending cuts are not sufficient vote against the bill. Otherwise our fiscal ills will never get solved.

    End of story

    • Stanford, I’ve heard her clarify now, several times, and I understand what she wanted. There was no way to get what was needed without shutting down, and we could have easily forced payment to soldiers.

      If Boehner can make substantial and significate cuts in order to sanely raise the debt limit, I will be shocked. Obama and Plouffe have lain down a gauntlet today. Now we have cross it at a gallop.

  • Ran

    Thanks for the update on Stossel.
    As for Boehner… It’s time for more the Dino RINO’s to head off to the fossil record. As for extremism, I’m with Barry Goldwater: in the defense of liberty, it is a virtue.

  • Ran, I was privileged to be in the presence of Goldwater back in the 90’s and listen to this genius. He was the kindest person I’ve ever met, who’d been in politics. One of the moments I’ll never forget. He was a guest at an artshow in San Dimas California. What a dream that was.