I Have My Liberty Guerilla Sticky Note – Do You Have Yours?

Click my sticky note to make your own, and join this viral campaign to remind that Conservatives are in the MAJORITY, to keep fresh everyday the egregious actions of the Obama administration. Then visit Stop Shouting for Ten Rules for Liberty Guerillas. No. 6 is my favorite: Always, Always, Always Be on the Offensive.” Actually No. 5 is my true favorite, but it’s longer, so read it at Stop Shouting. Our country is at stake, let’s kick it up! Thanks to Weasel Zippers.

  • Cute idea- I like it!

  • I like it. I’m in.

  • Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. If this catches-on , and I think it will, it could be very effective.

  • RR, Bob and Jim, I like this idea too and I’m going to insert it into many of my posts.

  • Jimmie Kreizenbeck

    Thanks, Maggie. I forwarded to my TEA Party group. There are some points in it that have been brought up at meeetings, #6 being one of them. If I could just get them to read blogs it would help. However, I just got into it a couple of months ago myself so they’ll come along.