Hot Air Poll Picks Palin for President, over and over and over!

Hot Air, the most visited Conservative blog in the blogosphere, has released their monthly presidential and vice presidential poll. Sarah Palin continues to hold the lead with a whopping 33% of the 7000 votes in March. Palin is far ahead of second place Herman Cain and Mitt Romney with 11% of the vote, Tim Pawlenty 9%, Rand Paul 7% and Michele Bachmann trailing a handful of votes behind Paul. Take a look at this intriguing chart.

Hot Air Primary Poll

The Vice Presidential candidate poll has Allen West in the lead with 19% of the vote, Rubio close behind with 16%, Michele Bachmann 10%, Paul Ryan 9% and Herman Cain 7%. See it all at Hot Air.


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  • How many conservatives do you know who say “I like Sarah Palin but she just won’t be able to win” ? Ask them how it feels to be OWNED by the main stream media.

    • That’s why I put this up Holger. The most ardent conservatives who might run are all those who the talking heads say do not have a chance. I want someone who can win, and I want someone very conservative. I am ready for the campaigning to begin so that I can begin to gauge how many are as eager for a conservative as I am. I believe the pundits are ignoring how fed up we are.

      And yes, had it not been for the media McCain/Palin would be in office now. We thought we had the fight of our lives and lost in 2008, but 2012 will be even more important. Now we know what it means to have a marxist commie in the White House and throughout the administration – not to mention that State has always been such.

    • This is way better than a brick & mortar esatbslhiment.

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  • A conservative voter

    We might have a President Trump in 2012. The New Hampshire primary poll has Donald Trump in second place while Mitt Romney in first place. Palin is not going to run because she can’t beat Obama. Palin is not conservative. When she was the Governor of Alaska she raised taxes, for abortion’s right, and gay marriage. That why I will not vote for Palin in 2012. Michele Bachmann is better than Palin. Bachmann probably won’t get the nominee.

  • Conservative voter … I find it hard to believe that Palin was for abortion or gay marriage. I think you should recheck your facts.

  • I pick Michelle Bauchmann over Palin. Donald Trump for President, Michelle Bachmann for VP. It needs to be a man for President for obvious reasons, and I can say that being a woman.
    McCain ruined it for Palin. Palin needed to be less vocal when it came to her kids, among other things. They should have been left out of the spotlight, IMO. Palin needs to learn when to comment on things and when not too. It leaves you open for attack. Plus Palin can’t win.

  • lawhite

    If Palin runs, she will win. She’s the ONLY one who can beat Obama AND actually turn this country back on course. Can you see anyone else who can both win and who has the balls to do what will be needed? It’s going to be tough, and no RINO can do it, and no weak wishy-washy candidate who’s afraid of offending the liberals. Trump and Romney are not conservatives and would govern just like another Bush.
    Why a man “for obvious reasons”? There have been many women leaders in the world, now and in the past, and they have usually done as well as any man. Palin loves this country and will fight hard for it and won’t back down to any of our enemies, within or without.
    Conservative Voter, I think you need to read up more on Palin’s stands on issues…you definitely don’t know what she stands for nor what her record as governor was.
    There has been much harm done to her image by those who want to destroy her, but that’s what campaigns are for. When she is through with her campaign, no one will have doubts about who she is or what she will do if president. Another four years of Obama will finish us as a nation.

    • Palin harmed herself, not keeping her personal life out of her polities. She is not going to win and it would be a mistake to put her against Obama. Piddle de de on Palin. Hot Air has it wrong, even though I like Hot Air – it’s way out in left field on this one and so are you. Furthermore anyone that is for shooting Wolves from planes is not going to be able to get this country back on track . . . that is inhumane.

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