Harry Alford Black Chamber of Commerce: Obama Marxist Brown Shirts Swastikas

In this video Laura Ingraham interviewed Harry Alford, the CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. Alford voted for Obama in 2008, but says it was the worst mistake of his life. He is a registered Independent. He says Black votes are waning and predicts Obama will get no more than 35% of the Black vote in 2012. Alford uses the words “marxist,” brown shirts” and “fanatical.” Listen to this incredible story.

Harry Alford

Alford says Obama has told him he would destroy Alford’s Chamber and says Obama formed his own Chamber of Commerce inside the White House. Alford’s organization is suing for trademark infringement. He mentions the Gainful Employment Rule, which Alford is against. He says Obama plans to take away financial aid for students and for- profit schools or career colleges because income after school will be too low to pay off college tuition. Alford disputes that and says there are 1.9 million Black-owned businesses in the U.S. and they are growing by 60% every five years. He says “we need an educated workforce.” He also says Obama is sounding “marxist.” Alford is trying to get “one to two to three million votes” from the Black community to vote agains Obama in 2012. I know there are many, many like Harry Alford out there. Take heart America. We can do this.

Laura Ingraham and Harry Alford, CEO Black Chamber of Commerce (video)

  • Alford took strong exception to Boxer having referenced an NAACP report favoring climate change legislation during a hearing of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee of which Boxer is the chairwoman….. Madam chair that is condescending to me Alford said. …. If this gentleman were here he would be proud hes being quoted Boxer said in defense of the NAACP support…..Alford however struck back against Boxer accusing her of getting racial in the climate change debate….. All thats condescending and I dont like it. Youre getting racial here. …. Youre speaking on behalf of the black community? Alford asked.

  • Great post Maggie. It is good to see that finally the tide may be turning against Obama in terms of the black business community. I’m sure the MSM will spin it that Alford is a racist because he thinks Obama is a Marxist or disagrees with his policies.

  • I’ve been listening to John Gibson’s show the past two weeks.. and he’s saying if we aren’t carefull we’re going to lose the independent vote.. this gentleman just confirmed what I’ve been thinking.. My common sense is that Obama’s actions and words are killing his chances in 12. No one knew him in the last election. They’ll know him in this one though. Don’t discount his appeal though and or his ability to push a good line… assisted with a teleprompter.. We need a powerfull person who will attack this marxist not another McCain