Government Shutdown: Why Isn’t Obama Striking a Deal to Allow Military to be Paid? Clinton Did!

Just a short post about this to give you sources to this very important story. We’ve heard that in the event of a government shutdown, our Military will show up to work and will receive a pay check for that work AFTER the government greases it’s wheels again and comes back to the kingdom to cut them a check. The question is how did Clinton do it in when the government shut down TWICE in 1995, and should that model be followed now?

Ace of Spades has the story, and it’s a bit convoluted, but it has now been straightened out (read it all for all the details) , and the bottom line is, Clinton got ahead of the shutdown and worked out a deal so that Military would continue to be funded, with a timely paycheck.

So why isn’t Obama doing the same (and he isn’t, and note that he and Congress will continue to receive their paychecks)?

Big Government:

As this recent Congressional Research Service report explains, if the government were to shutdown, an OMB Directive issued in the 1980s (along with a handful of legal opinions) guide what parts of government continue to function and what parts must close down.  Short story, all of the importantfunctions of government, i.e national security, the military, air traffic control, border security, Social Security payments, etc., will continue to function…

Sensing the potential PR nightmare from this, it seems the Obama Administration may have decided to raise the stakes on a shutdown. According to draft guidance from the Pentagon, the Obama Administration will require military personnel to report to work…but, will hold their paychecks until the impasse is resolved.

I found this story at NiceDeb. She has an insightful video by Rep. Mike Lee (R-UT), who is theorizing why Obama wants a government shutdown (and if you think he doesn’t want it, please listen to what Lee has to say – you might be wrong.)


  • I think this is a mistake on the part of the administration. The GOP needs to be EXTREMELY outspoken. They need to take this to the people.

  • Obama would like to shut down the military permanently because they are killing his Muslim family members in the middle east.

  • Needless to say, this has me angry. I’ll be fine, but a lot of guys are living on the edge of their income with families to feed. We are in forsaken places away from our family and friends, the least he could do is see to it that we get paid.

  • The last thing you want to do in a society, is piss off your military. I’m with you Maggie.. why ARE Senators, Congress, and the President receiving pay during this.. I was in the Military, and I’ll tell you one thing, the small amount that we received, was nothing to not receiving. I know how angry I’d be. Not at the Republicans, but at a President who refused to sign the bill that would have kept the military paid. Obama, don’t mess with the pay of those who protect your sorry ……..

  • Thanks for this post Maggie. You cannot know how much this ticks me off…only by great effort am I keeping from cussing a blue streak.

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  • It’s sort of inconsistent with the president’s Keynesian economic thinking, isn’t it? His policies have been all about putting money in peoples’ pockets so they can spend, spend, spend. Dems keep saying that a shutdown will put us back into a recession, and keeping money out of the hands of military families will worsen the situation.