Glenn Reynolds Instapundit: The Value of Blogs, How to Make a Mark and Checking on Page Views

Glenn Reynolds the Blog Father to all Conservative bloggers interviewed with

Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit

Bill Whittle. This is a great sit-down chat about the early days of blogging and how Reynolds’ blog, InstaPundit, became the venerated institution that it is today. He talks about his early days, in summer of 2001, and how he hoped to eventually have a couple of hundred pages viewed daily. That happened and then then it was 1600 page views daily, and then September 11th, 2001 happened and literally thousands (5,000) of page views clocked on the Sitemeter, and the momentum hasn’t stopped since. Today InstaPundit averages 500,000 page views every day. See the video below.

Just as an aside, I want to say I really appreciate Glenn talking about “page views” because “page views” are special to me. I love to think readers come and read more than one page. I post numerous stories every day and it seems defeating to think someone comes and couldn’t care less about the other 18 stories on my front page, or does not care about related stories on the same subject. This matters why? Well because (maybe) others see only value in the “hits” – the one time arrival at a front page, no matter how many pages that hit results in being read. I am just shy of 25,000 “hits” needed to reach my one millionth, but my page views passed the one million mark 327,000 reads ago – and I am grateful for every page read. (Think what it would be like to have 500,000 reads each and every day!)

So I appreciate Glenn Reynolds talking about the importance of page views.

Glenn generously gives valuable advice about how to make a blog successful, and there is a special piece of information that bloggers need to know, so be sure to watch the video. Karen at The Lonely Conservative also has a comment with great merit on the same subject: “Bloggers are successful when they take a story of great interest and add something of great interest to it.” I found this interview at Karen’s and she took the story and added to it. That’s how blogs work. Read more about Glenn here, and his homepage is here. Thanks also to American Power Blog.

Bill Whittle with Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit (video)