Glenn Beck Steals Content? Bloggers Inform Glenn Beck – Beck Doesn’t Attribute?

Good grief! This is so discouraging, if true. Prominent bloggers are accusing Glenn Beck of plagarism – taking their content and often not crediting them with the story or specific parts of the story. He is accused of at least once, using a blogger-produced video and obscuring the name of the blogger placed prominently in view. Bloggers with credibility ALWAYS credit sources, just as journalists are expected to do. That’s why you see links inside an article, or a notation something like this “H/T” or Hat Tip, and then a link to the source. See a video below.

Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch

Daily Caller:

Beck’s reputation as an ungenerous user of other people’s work has occasionally surfaced in public. Conservative radio host Mark Levin recently took aim at Beck, whom he refers to as the “5-PMer,” this way: “You won’t find me putting my name on books that other people write. You’ll never find me doing that,” Levin said. “I would never, ever preach to you about principles and viewpoints that I am incapable of writing about. Never.”

So, there is an accusation that Beck doesn’t even write his own books.

Some of the bloggers named are Andrew Brietbart, Robert Spencer at JihadWatch, Cliff Kincaid at Accuracy in Media (AIM) Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs, Liberty Chick, Verum Serum, Pajamas Media, Founding Bloggers, Rebel Pundit. Even a Liberal blogger is making the same claim.

These are among the most reputable bloggers on the Internet. I think many of us who blog often hear a story that we believe we broke in some way – a fact that was out there but had been undiscovered, or a particular, pithy phrase that we know we conjured – and then you hear it on radio or on television. My husband and I frequently comment that, so-and-so must be reading Maggie’s Notebook. In this case, intricate and labor-intensive charts have been used, full videos, and in the case of Robert Spencer, an entire show built on his investigative material on Islamic caliphates. Beck’s office allegedly contacted Spencer, spent a lot of time on the phone throughout one day – then aired and didn’t attribute Spencer’s assistance at all.

Many of us have lauded Beck’s talented research staff in the past. This will not be a good day for Glenn Beck. The following video is an interview with Alex Jones, and he makes the same accusation.

Alex Jones Accusing Glenn Beck of stealing content (video)


  • michigan

    I just heard Glenn addressing this topic on his radio show and he claims it’s false and if there were any non crediting uses it was in error. I know it’s one’s word against another’s but he sounded convincing and if it’s not true, let the lawsuits begin. Sometimes this stuff is a bit of King of the Mountain gaming, so I’ll wait to see it played out.

    • Hi michigan, thanks for this information. I looked for a rebuttal online, but didn’t find anything. I hate hearing news like this. He has so many accusers who should have no problem proving their claims, however, you cannot steal an idea. RebelPundit and LibertyChick have compelling cases, for exact duplications of their work, but yes, we’ll have to wait and see.

  • I’ve heard, and I have seen with my own eyes, Beck using Alex Jones material all the time. Jones has made note of this on several occasions. As I’ve been saying for a long time, Beck is a fraud, and a pseudo intellectual and NOT a historian in any way. My blog is filled with my posts correcting his history. Love the new site!

    • Hi Chuck, glad you like my new place. It was a long time coming. I haven’t viewed Beck as an historian. I see him as a man trying to educate, and there is plenty of information to be had to do that, especially with a crack research staff to help.

      In what ways do you see him as a propagandist?

  • Judy

    I can say that I get emails from Jihad Watch, Newsrealblog, and visit Atlas, Maggie, etc.
    The Blaze puts links in for what they write about. Glenn puts links in + he always says do your homework. Wouldn’t that be google, bing, wiki or whatever.
    If I google Obama, campaign donations, Gaza there are 2,430,000 items listed. I will assume that all of them except for Beck gives a hattip to Atlas. I’m not trying to be flip or anything it is just that many foxnews watchers perhaps don’t read Atlas and many who read Atlas don’t watch or listen to Beck. Isn’t the whole idea of all of these blogs etc to wake up America. The more the sources, the better. Now instead of just being attacked by the left and the Obama admin, we will have to listen to him being attacked by the right and the conservatives.
    I know he can take it, but the left and the White House will play it up…infighting on our side.
    More Tea Party infighting even though Beck has nothing to do with the Tea Party.
    We have an election coming up. We don’t need plagarism sure (although he explained on radio that Fox doesn’t allow credits to be rolled), but we need for everyone to be in this fight together.
    To me the most important thing on the agenda is exposing Obama for what he is and for what he is doing. The more the better. Hopefully, he will be more careful about giving credit where credit is due, but until then…..
    Sue, attack or whatever, but begin November 2012 after the election…..PLEASE!!!!!

    • “To me the most important thing on the agenda is exposing Obama.”
      Should we do that within the bounds of intellectual property rights, or just toss those aside?

      • Chuck, no we should not throw intellectual property rights aside. Having said that, I have some photos on my site that I haven’t a clue where they originated:-)

    • Judy, I wonder how this all came about, and if a lawsuit is in the works. I don’t understand what’s going on. If he took Liberty Chick’s graph, she can prove that. I’m sure she published it. That’s not good for Beck. Same with Rebel Pundit’s video – not good.

      As far as Spencer goes, it seems he is relating his story, but he obviously gave the info willingly, and assumed Beck would mention him. Even tho credits do not roll, Beck should always say the video is from Rebel Pundit.

      If this is true, and I think it is, he does owe some apologies, but I don’t think anyone will sue. This will stick with him though. When you don’t have the support of people like Geller, Spencer and PJMedia, you’ve shot yourself in the foot.

      I see a lot of things I know came from bloggers – sometimes even my blog, but never assumed I could do anything about it, and wouldn’t try, but it woud be lovely to have a shout-out from the Big Guys because we do this for free.

      Yes, it’s too bad, but I don’t think it will be brushed under the rug. When it comes down it, it simply is very embarrassing for a man who speaks of integrity so often. The Left will make a mess of this, regretably. The Left will be the real problem.

      • Judy

        Here is a link to the Blaze blog. They put together lots of clips from his TV shows with him giving credit to RedState, Daily Caller, Business Insider, etc. over the past 3 years.

        This link you can go into the archives and pick any show at random and see that he credits bloggers, websites, news orgs, etc. There are archived shows from January 19, 2009 through last night’s show.

        It seems to me that our country is burning down. We had Progressive Tea Party (US Uncut) protesting in Madison, etc last weekend. We have the New Black Panthers calling for a US wide and world wide protest this weekend. We have calls for mass protests beginning in May against banks, businesses, etc to bring our economy down and it seems there are people that instead of glad that Beck is trying to warn people of what is happening would rather complain about not getting credited.
        Sorry, I like all of those that are complaining, but we are in big trouble as a nation and we need everyone to put aside their differences, their hurt feelings, their emotions and work together to save this nation.

  • “there is an accusation that Beck doesn’t even write his own books.’
    This has been known for some time. He has ghost writers write his books. This is not a new revelation, Beck is a fantastic performer, but he is not actually intelligent himself.We confuse these things. All of his history comes from David Barton, Beck has not studied any history personally, untill just a few years ago – as Beck has stated many time himself. People like Mike Savage, Mark Levin, Charles Krauthammer, Victor Davis Hanson, and Alex Jones have been men of study for their entire lifetime. All of these people have expressed their dislike for Beck. As I have said so many times, if you don’t know history, Beck is a teacher, if you do know history, you clearly see that he is a propagandist. I went to the Beck show here in Chicago last week and wrote a review.

    • Chuck, I do believe Glenn is intelligent. He has absorbed a vast amount of knowledge and he often has the experts on with him, so he doesn’t take credit for everything. Most bloggers haven’t studied History, but can do some fine research and present a story. Everyone can’t be a history prof, but can nevertheless learn and impart that to others, but he always says, do you own homework.

      As I said earlier, I hate things like this when Conservatives are involved. It does no one any good.

      I did see that Alex Jones was on this last Fall.

    • Judy

      I have all of his books. It is not a rumor that he doesn’t write all of his own books. It’s a fact. He and several people write his books and they are credited in the book. Just open to the first page and there are the listings.

      His first book, “The Real America” is the only exception. Either he wrote it by himself or he didn’t list a co-writer. All of his books have tons of references and acknowledgements listed.

      There are many people that have their names on their books, but also credit researchers, etc. plus all the people they acknowledge for other types of help.

      I bet Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter didn’t write all of their own books either. John F Kennedy didn’t write Profiles In Courage either but he won the Pulitzer Prize.

  • Ran

    Chuck, no, pal. You only wish you had half his intelligence. The guy is an extraordinary story of recovery fro addict to success. Beck has created more wealth in just ONE of his businesses that you will have in your entire lifetime. How many businesses do you simultaneously operate? How many people have you hired? How many people have you reached or positively effected? It is you, dude, with the propaganda. As we say in French, “screw-off.”
    (Yeah, I love it when the French talk dirty…)

    • Ran, you’re a hoot. I believe Beck is an amazing man. I wish this hadn’t happened.

    • Making money does not speak to ones intellectual faculties. Al Capone made more money than Beck, but he was hardly an intellectual. I operate two businesses myself, and I hire people as well. I also am self-educated, far more than Beck. That’s how I can tell that he is not an intellectual. “-)

  • I just finished putting together a post that shows that Beck’s right-hand man when it comes to Beck’s history, to be a total fraud. Why would Beck place such credit in a man such as this if he is a knowledgeable historian himself? Beck uses other peoples information, much of which is not credible. Many conservatives are glad to see Beck go.