German Woman Shames Muslim Rally and Germans Video: Abu Ameena Bilal Phillips Expelled from Germany

Radical Muslim cleric Abu Ameena Bilal Phillips showed up at a Muslim Rally in Germany, with 500 citizens of Frankfurt protesting against the rally referred to as “Islam, the Misunderstood Religion.” Phillips is well-known for his radical radicalism. The woman in the video below stands alone and appears to confront mostly non-Muslim bystanders. Watch the man in the ball cap as he menacingly approaches her, seems to try to grab her wrist before another man intervenes, and then stands much too close to her back.

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Abu Ameena Bilal Phillips

[GERMAN WOMAN] “Do you want Germany to be like those countries from which they all came?”

The German Government issued an expulsion order for Phillips after the rally, but said they prepared it before he spoke at the event.

German immigration law allows for the expulsion of aliens who ‘incite hatred against parts of the population’ or advocate violence against them. In a video on YouTube, Philips has defended the death penalty for proven homosexual acts.

Philips is entitled to appeal the order, but only from abroad, police said, and must mail in proof that he has left. An arrest warrant is ready in case he does not leave before the expulsion deadline.

The video has been translated into English and French, and we are cautioned that the translations may not be perfect.

The English translation is on the video. The French translation comes from this source.

This woman demonstrates against the conference in Frankfurt yesterday. She said the country is completely asleep while radical Muslims are taking advantage of freedom of expression to spread the ugly plague of Sharia.

Do you think the man in the ball cap was one of the “radical Muslims.” Sheesh, that was creepy.

Via Si Vis Pacem, via Eric Dondero at Libertarian Republican who secured the video and translation, The Other McCain who led to the rest of the story – the Jihad Watch’s scoop on Phillips.

German Woman asks if Germany wants to be like Arab countries (video)