France’s Muslim Problem: Libyan Sorties Target Practice?

James at Reaganite Republican Resistance has an especially important post today on the “No Go” Zones in France – meaning you dare not enter these Muslim neighborhoods – and there are far more than a few. Could the French air force’s  participation in Libya’s no-fly zone be a little necessary target practice? See a video of a woman in the northern section of Paris who has been beaten, robbed and raped for refusing to abandon her own little plot in her beloved city. In fact, you will be shocked to find who can no longer enter these No-Go Zones. Note that “assimilation” hasn’t happened, and a wise blogging friend of my mine once said, the only way a Muslim assimilates in the U.S. is in “going to the ballot box.

Aftermath of Muslims Rioting in Paris Jan. 2009

Read this post at Reaganite Republican and see how Sharia Law is working out in Paris and throughout France:

These neighborhoods are actually run as micro-states by drug dealers, North African gangs, and wild-eyed Imams… and all due to uncontrolled immigration with no effective plan for assimilation.

I ask you, why has the woman in this video not been protected? The same problem is rampant in England, and it’s only a short hop across to the pond to America. This could be you or me, right here in the U.S., in only a short time. It’s always the right time to check on the Muslim demographics around the world. You can do that here.

Photo credit: Atlas Shrugs – with information on the riot pictured above.

  • Thanks Maggie- and the thing about that photo is, that’s not at all the Muslim neighborhood… they live in Soviet style cement high rises in the suburbs, as you know.

    THIS is what happens when they break out of those and come marching, burning, looting, beating, and killing in the upscale streets of central Paris.

    IMO, if not Sarkozy, the French will put Le Pen in there… whatever it takes, as it appears to me many socialists over there have even had their fill of it