Father Michael Pfleger Thinks Obama is Corrupted: Can Power Corrupt Blacks?

Remember the flamboyantly-dramatic Father Michael Pfleger, the Catholic Jeremiah Wright, who made the news when he showed up at Obama’s former church, Trinity United Christian in support of Barack Obama, and blamed White people, and their “White Entitlement” and “Supremacy,” and mocked Hillary Clinton from the pulpit? Poor man has been thrown under Obama’s bus.

Father Michael Pfleger

Member of the Democratic socialists of America, Dr. Cornel West, asks Pfleger, “Does Power Corrupt in that Way, No Matter What Color People Are? The conversation ends with West saying that Obama has become Clinton –  “opportunism run amuck.”

Father Michael Pfleger and Cornel West on Obama and Corruption (video)

H/T The Blaze

  • The amount of lies and intended obfuscation of the facts flying around in all of Obama speeches is of such gagantuan proportions that it still amazes me why are we still asking the question – is Obama corrupt? The mere fact of asking the question begs the option of different answers. But to any thinking honest person who can compile the facts of the last 3 years, there is only one answer.
    That is why my second source of amazement is that there are still 40% of Americans that favor the job the President is doing.

  • Considering my comment above, the pertinent question we should all be asking is – Is democracy as practice today in the USA the best political system?

    • A republic form of government or political system is not the same as a democracy. A bunch of town folks carrying torches down to the local jail in the old west to hang a stagecoach robber without a trial is democracy in action. The founders saw it for what it was, mob rule. We have drifted towards a democracy because progressives have been successful at using the court systems to trump the will of the people and water down our constitution. They have convinced are large segment of the ignorant in this country that the constitution is a living breathing document. What this means is the document that creates our republic style government can change as easy the wind changes direction whenever and however to suit our needs. Don’t get me wrong I do know the constitution can change, but there is a process already in place to do this; the amendment process. A democratic form of government is actually the de-evolution of a republic. Rome evolved from monarchy to a republic, then de-evolved into a democracy and ultimately into an empire. The answer to your question about democracy and if it’s the best political system, the answer is no because democracy represents the de-evolution of a republic.

  • @John Galt: We shall know when the 2012 results come in. If a demagogue as transparently corrupt as BHO can win, the republic is finished.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • It boggles my mind how this NUT, extremist, and heretic has not been excommunicated from the Church yet. Here’s a quiz on the bad Father and some answers you might like: http://gkupsidedown.blogspot.com/2011/04/quick-quiz.html

  • Outside of his Chicago neighborhood Father Pfleger has no voice, no authority. He is a nobody propelled to the National stage by his association with the Wright. He belongs back in th sewers from which he came from.