Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak Heart Attack: Mubarak has Heart Attack While Being Questioned by Government

News is breaking that Eqypt’s former ruler, Hosni Mubarak, has suffered a heart attack whiling being questioned by prosecutors on  charges of corruption.

Hosni Mubarak

Egypt’s prosecutor general issued a summons for the 82-year-old president Monday to be interrogated in connection with corruption allegations from his three decade reign and violence against protesters during the 18-day uprising that forced him out of office.

On Sunday, April 10th, Mubarak addressed Egyptians in a pre-recorded message from his exile in Sharmel-Sheikh. The prosecutor summoned him for questioning immediately after the speech was broadcast. Mubarak is barred from leaving the country, and his assets have been frozen

Mubarak was taken to the hospital and according to reports stepped out of his Mercedes with security. Hospital officials and physicians spoke anonymously. Egyptian state controlled television has confirmed the heart attack diagnosis, according to Fox News.