Egypt: Salafist Muslim Brotherhood New Modesty Law – Egypt: Christians Must Submit to Islam

Regime change – what a victory for the beautiful Egyptian women. Now there will be a “modesty law” with a new brigade of “modesty police” to protect their virtue, and how wonderful…it will be designed after the Saudi law that keeps their women the among the most oppressed in the world. Your dress, your prayer times and the relationship between men and women will be policed. You and I think of “Islamist” and “Muslim Brother” as the perpetrators of the oppression of Islam, but in Egypt, the word “Salafist” is coming to the fore, and sources say they are emerging as a political force. Indeed, a Salafist has told Egyptian Christians if they want peace they must “submit to the rule of God,” and know that Sharia law will keep them safe. Regime change is a wonderful thing, and the whole Arab world is watching.

Egypt's Modesty

The anti-Mubarak-government protesters…think of them as “freedom fighters,” see this new Islamist move as one more step to denying freedom to the Egyptian people. The Salafi influence in Egypt has been growing and it’s roots in jihad are traced to the Muslim Brotherhood:

Dr. Mamoun Fandy, an Egyptian-born professor of politics and senior fellow at the James A. Baker III Institute of Public Policy. “Salafist jihadism and the activation of the views of the world of the house of Islam and the house of war are the ideas that emerged from the writings and the teachings of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

About The Salafist Movement the quote above is taken from this article:

Salafism is an ideology that posits that Islam has strayed from its origins. The word “salaf” is Arabic for “ancient one” and refers to the companions of the Prophet Mohammed. Arguing that the faith has become decadent over the centuries, Salafists call for the restoration of authentic Islam as expressed by an adherence to its original teachings and texts. “Salafists originally are supposedly not violent,” Kepel explains. “They are not advocating the revolt against one who holds power, against the powers that be. They are calling for re-Islamization at the daily level.”

The Jerusalem Post:

“This is incredibly worrying to many Egyptians,” Maye Kassem, a political scientist at the American University in Cairo (AUC), told The Media Line. “The salafis were always undercover in Egypt and now they are emerging as a political force. They are getting too vocal.”

Also in the background is Al-Gama’a Al-Islamiyya an Islamist group believed to be behind the assassination of Anwar Sadat (along with the Muslim Brotherhood), and other terror attacks int he ’80’s and ’90’s, but now are against violence. Isn’t that convenient – Arab mindset through and through.

Issam Durbala, a member of the Gama’a’s Shura council, told the Egyptian daily Al-Masri Al-Youm on Sunday, that he supported the establishment of a virtue police, or Hisbah, which had existed in medieval Islamic societies to oversee public virtue and modesty, mostly in the marketplace and other public gathering spaces.

God bless the Christians in this barbaric country, and to them I say, get out while you can.