Dump Trump: Trump Thinks G.W. Bush Evil – Obama a Great President – He Leads by Consensus!

SEE AN IMPORTANT UPDATE BELOW: If Donald Trump believes Barack Obama has a “chance to go down as a great president,” then he hasn’t a clue about Obama’s agenda. That’s the worst revelation of this interview. And if he thinks George W. Bush is evil (and he does)…not just evil, but “so evil,”  then he doesn’t understand “evil.” I don’t care if he thinks Bush was a “terrible” president…but evil? Trump believes Bush should have pow-wowed with Iran. That certainly didn’t work for Obama, and Trump obviously saw the Obama budget speech as proof of the ‘consensus’ by which the man leads! This makes me believe the rumors that Trump and Rahm Emanuel have cooked up a scheme to put The Won back on his throne. The Donald needs to go back to real estate, maybe manage that “nice” room he keeps his Bibles in. My advice is Dump Trump. Watch the video here.

UPDATE: By now may know this interview is from November 2008, just a few days after the election. I followed a link from Drudge that indicated the interview was “yesterday,” and I failed to check the date.

Considering that, my feeling is this: In 2008 if Trump thought G.W. Bush was “soooo evil,” he didn’t understand the nature of Islam. If he thought Barack Obama could or would lead by “consensus” he had not looked at Obama’s history as the most liberal Senator in Congress, OR his background in Community Organizing – and clearly could not have understood the anti-capitalist passion of Community Organizing. By late 2008, if he had considered what had already gone before with Iran, and understood it, and understood our history with Iran – and understood that the U.N. should have forced the sanctions in a meaningful way, but never did, he would have understood why Bush and the U.S. took the action they did.

So, having said all that, I will accept that Donald Trump has had an awakening and see what happens next.

UPDATE: Hot Air Reports that Trump, once-upon-a-time, supported universal health care, but is still running away with the polls:

Today’s funsies: Trump 26, Huckabee 17, Romney 15, Gingrich 11, Palin 8.

So what does this say about Romney?


Linked by Reaganite Republican – who has some interesting thoughts aboutThe Donald, and has looked for other viewpoints as well.


  • Trump is doing this for the publicity for his new show on FOX. He is and always will be a liberal. He tries to disguise himself in Conservative garb, but when push comes to shove he reverts to his liberal roots. With this coming out, he won’t get the Republican nomination. And if he runs as an Independent, he won’t split the Republican vote, but will hurt the Democrats.

  • Uh, Maggie- I’m really not here to defend Trump -who as you know I’m taking a serious look at (Allen West VP…?)

    BUT- this interview is from three days after Obama was elected!

    Trump didn’t endorse him either, he’s just saying he had a chance to be a great president… HE DID, anybody who just won the election with huge majorties on The Hill certainly did have that chance… didn’t he. And cca 75% of Americans were giving Obama the benefit of the doubt. I didn’t think it was certain he’d be a disaster, either… had my hunches, but…

    And you know I don’t think Bush was “evil”… but Trump thinks Bush went to Iraq just to impress his father and repair his ’91 mistakes… there’s an argument there. And don’t forget… how many people beside you and me were sticking up for Bush in ANY way in November 2008?

    And BUSH or Trump meeting with Iran would be an ENTIRELY different thing than Obama… who’s throwing in the towel and begging, basically… they know he’s never going to do anything. To me, Trump’s saying we should have laid down the law to Iran, a last warning if nothing else.

    You know… I was thinking yesterday, I think the thing I like the most about Trump is his willingness to take on Iran, keep them our of Iraq and away from the oil, and work with Israel to put a stop to their ambitions in the region… NO-body else is willing to talk about it but Bolton, and it’s JUST what I want to hear!!!

    • RR – I woke up at about 3 this morning, thinking I didn’t check the date, but I got it from Drudge and the headline is still there, and it says “yesterday.” Nevertheless, I should have checked. I really should have checked.

      I does show, however, that we all knew Obama was a Marxist when he went into office, and Trump didn’t have a clue. Obama had never done anything by consensus.

      Anyway, I guess I followed Drudge’s lead but didn’t check the dateline. It gave me some cardio last night, anyway!

      • To funny… I think, Trump is friends with anyone, who can help him make money. I mean, in my business, the art world, you have to be friends with those you wouldn’t normaly be friends with, to get a sale.. I draw a line at racists though. Will never deal with them. But Libs.. yeah I deal with them.. LOVE taking their money.. lol

  • Note: “I think he has a chance to go down as a great president. Now, if he’s not a great president, this country is in serious trouble,” said Trump.

    He HAD a chance… He ISN’T a great president… and we ARE in serious trouble!!!

    Trump kept from “hoping for him to fail” as we are so often accused of, he knew the country needed it to work out… but it didn’t as we all know now.

    And consensus? That’s what Obama was saying the whole time, and most people believed him… I too expected him to split the right to find friends to work with.

    The first scary clue was when he hired hyper partisan Rahm Emanuel instead of a normal human being, that’s when I strarted to say “this isn’t going to be bi partisan”… up till then, nobody thought he’d be so radical and exclude the GOP entirely

    Only thing Trump shouldn’t have said here was “evil” he’s wrong, but that was the mood of the day… and what got Obama elected

  • You’ve been scammed by the liberal NY media, I hate to say…

    Updated 11/11/2008 09:19 PM
    NY1 Exclusive: Donald Trump Slams “Evil” Bush, Praises Obama
    By: Dominic Carter

  • Regardless, I am with Maggie. I am doing my own “Dump Trump” post next week.

    The fact that he would consider a third-party run immediately disqualifies him. He will only play within the system if it goes his way? No way. This is just another egotistical self promotion

  • I’m not with anybody… the Left destroyed my favorite candidate, so now she can’t win.

    BUT- to dismiss Trump immediately is pointless and self defeating for the Reaganite cause… he’s giving voice to issues you’ll never seen discussed -or not in an honest matter- by the Mittbots of the world… any true TEA Party conservative must welcome his voice to the debate.

    What are people afraid of… think he might win?

    • I’m with you on Palin… Personaly I’d love to see her run.. not sure she could win.. She isn’t to be ignored though.

  • SilverFiddle: after the way the GOP old guard joined in helping the Left tear Palin to shreds, you don’t think it’s smart for Trump to send a shot across their bow- “Mess with me and I’ll destroy you”…? He also likely sees the party as incompetent after Florida senate race and Scozzafava right there in NY… because the are.

    He said he would HATE to do it… because the top priority is unseating Obama, Trump himself said just three days ago ANY GOP candidate he’s seen would be an improvement.

    He’s letting the RNC know what will happen if he doesn’t get a fair shot at Romney, Trump said his first priority is the Republican nomination… period

    I feel his voice needs to be heard BADLY-

  • Maggie, thanks for this. I’m getting sick of Trump and his clown show. Why not just vote for Vince McMahon or Hulk Hogan?

    • Trestin, just want to make sure you know that I discovered this a.m. this was from a Nov. 2008 interview. Drudge said it was “yesterday.” There’s a lot of discussion here if you want to come back.

      • I saw that on Drudge, I think they meant it like “yesteryear” but pretty sloppy, can see why you’re not happy about it

  • If Trump ran though and he turned out to be the candidate.. I’d still pick him over Obama. It’s just having to listen to him for 4 years that would drive me up a wall. God help us if he put his daughter or, heaven forbid, his son in his cabinet… OMG

    • I would vote for him too, David. I have liked him. I will vote for whomever the candidate is, but I will say this, anyone thinking Bush is soooo evil, doesn’t get it, and they don’t get what we are up against. I can understand not liking him, but say he is evil…no. Anyone who understands Islam and the challenge of the Bush admin could not say that.

  • The only reason I would have supported Trump is because of Ivana. Mmmmm, Ivana. Ok, ok, I’m a pig. Citizen CAIN!!!!!!

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  • Trump is a shameless promoter and his self-indulgent road show is a disgusting distraction. He will say whatever it takes to get attention. Calling Bush evil is just one entry in a catalog of stupid pronouncements by The Donald.

    His saying he would consider a third-party run if he doesn’t get the GOP nomination disqualifies him. He’s a Ross Perot for the new millennium.

    If you want to vote for a businessman, dump shameless self-promoter Trump and vote for Herman Cain. He is qualified and he has the smarts, the experience and the background to make a great, successful president.

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  • G. Earnhart

    Donald Trump. Can anyone say Ross Pero??

  • TheBruce

    Trump is a poison pill I hope the GOP doesn’t swallow. He’s an ideological basket case. I can’t say it any plainer than that.

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