Donald Trump Searching for Obama Birth Certificate

Donald Trump has upped the discussion of Barack Obama’s birth certificate, telling Meredith Vieira in a Today Show interview, he has people on the ground looking into the existence or non-existence of Barack Obama’s official birth certificate. As Trump is wont to do, he teases with this:

Donald Trump

I am saying I want to see the birth certificate. It’s very simple. I want to see the birth certificate. How come his own family doesn’t know which hospital he was born in? How come– forget about birth certificates. Let’s say there’s no birth certificate. How come in the hospital itself, okay? This is one of the…in the hospital itself, there’s no records of his birth. In other words, it doesn’t say how much they paid, where is the doctor, here’s your room bill.

Well, I have people that actually have been studying it and they cannot believe what they’re talking.

…they cannot believe what they’re finding. And I’m serious–

Trump discusses Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan in the interview as well. Read it here. You go, Donald!

  • I heard his interview on Rush. He had Viera speechless. It was classic!

  • Good luck, Donald- there ain’t no such animal

  • Ran

    The guy is fearless. He reminds me of Reagan. Fearless! Doesn’t care a whit if he’s derided as a “birfer” – it’s Go, baby, go! He’s clear – and uncompromising – that the power of America’s economy and her military are his two main objectives.

    The Left are not going to be able to destroy this guy. Obama – politically and personally – has a real problem on his hands.

    More, I predict that enough of those “moderates”, “undecideds” and “centrists” are going to like Donald – or Cain, or any Conservative – that can sell the message of economic prosperity and individual liberty.

    Thanks for the post!


  • I’m not a big fan of Trump… but man oh man, what has he to lose? Nothing. He’s the worst nightmare politician, he’s fearless in what he says and the Press has no idea how to call him stupid, or un-informed. They could do that with Palin, or any other Republican, but they can’t with Trump and it’s confounding them. Trump is saying, Yeah.. you want to take a punch at me, go ahead.. I win no matter what you try to do to me. I am liking him more… In the end, you can’t argue against a guy who’s coming to the table totally prepared and with rock solid logic. He demands total preparedness from his employees, he’s the shark in the swimming pool and it’s hard to fight against those sharp teeth.