Donald Trump Obama Born Barry Soetoro? Video

In this video, Donald Trump pounds on Obama’s natural-born status, and then says, “look, he was born Barry Soetoro and somewhere along the way changed his name!” It doesn’t sound like he is speculating, or that he is asking a question. It sounds as though he is stating a fact. Hannity doesn’t follow up on it. He talks about Obama’s Kenyan Grandma Sara and the chaos in the room when she said Barry was born in a Kenya hospital. He talks about Bill Ayers, how Obama got into Harvard, and the Tony Rezko scandal. So what does Trump know that we don’t know about Barry Soetoro? Did I get this video wrong? Let me know what you think.

Donald Trump

Take a short course in natural-born status at Hillary and Me – 3 elements that make an American a natural-born citizen. I know many people believe Obama has a proper birth certificate, and wants to use the fact that it has not been released as a “distraction.” I can understand that making sense in only one way: He was born in Hawaii but his father was a British citizen. So he hasn’t lied that he was born in Hawaii, but a British father disallows his natural-born status. Two citizen parents are required and there is much documentation throughout the years to support the two-parent requirement.

Donald Trump: Obama was “born Barry Soetoro” (video)

  • Barry can run from his birth certificate and use it to deflect attention from the citizenship scam , but he cannot run from his British dad. You are right Trump is talking with certitude and not backing down.

    When/if Trump points out Obama and natural born citizenship requires BOTH parents are U.S. citizens BHO is toast.

    • Sandstone, from the reading I’ve done, the issue of his father’s nationality is too difficult for people to understand. It goes beyond the Constitution, and takes a lot of documentation to figure it out. We’d better get it figured out though, because we have millions of babies born here without citizen parents.

      So odd about the “born Barry Soetoro” statement and no one, not even Hannity talking about it.

      • CNN along with the MSM and cable news networks are intentionally conflating the terms citizen, naturalized citizen, and natural born citizen. These terns are not identical. The focus belongs on Obama’s British father. Obama was born a Brit.

        With the exception of our first 6 presidents who could not be natural born citizens but GRANDFATHERED THEMSELVES IN, every president of our country has been born on U.S.
        soil and of two parents who were U.S. citizens at the time of their births.

        • That is not true. Grover Cleveland was born to an American mother and an Irish immigrant fathe. Yes his father’s was NOT an American citizen at the time of Grover’s birth. Yet Grover was a natural born citizen. Where your parents were born only counts if you were born OUTSIDE of the USA!

  • Obama is using the birth certificate nonsense to detract everyone from the bribes he took during his time in the Senate. The only thing of merit that Trump said was Tony Rezko.

    • Katie, I don’t think this is a detraction. At first maybe, if he had later produced the document, but this one thing will not keep people from looking bribes. This is the whole ball of wax now. The b/c issue could keep him from being reelected, or it could propel him into office – but that would only be by his intense supporters – so no change there unless they come up new votes. Just my opinion.

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  • The thing is.. Trump brings up some very interesting facts, about school, book and relationships. I find that much more interesting than his birth.. Trump has so much money he can pour into investigations.. and you know he has the best in the business.. who he’s probably used many times in business.. I’ll bet Obama is starting to get a pain in the frontal lobes… lol

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