Dick Morris Gov Shutdown: Boehner Must Lead Way to Promised Land Video

The “promised land” quip is mine, but Dick Morris essentially says the same and he is right on target. This is the time for the heavy lifting and Boehner leading the way to the promised land of $61 Billion in cuts. If Boehner doesn’t reach the promised land, there is no way the debt ceiling will be significantly lowered. Conservatism loses – is engulfed in loss. Here are a couple of snippets from the video.

Thanks to Fox News:

It’s not such a strange point of view to say you made a promise, you ought to keep that promise. And if Speaker Boehner is willing to lead the way in breaking that promise, I think it’s time he become former Speaker Boehner…

I think that the race against the clock is because the administration is taking the ridiculous position that in a budget of $3.6 trillion, they can’t find $61 billion of waste to cut. And the Republicans are taking the ludicrous position that they’re going to accept a cut of a lesser order of magnitude, of such a tiny sum relative to the budget.

The reason this is important is if the Republicans do not get what they want, it will be because they’re afraid of a shutdown. And if they are afraid of a shutdown, they will be forced to compromise on debt limit, on the budget, and they will accomplish nothing during their tenure in Congress because the only weapon they have is a shutdown. And if they’re not willing to use that weapon, that cowardice is going to undermine their ability to keep their commitments.

And my view is that the government shutdown will not be so bad. I think troops need to be paid. We have to make sure the Democrats don’t hold them hostage and the Republican bill that pays the troops passes. Obama, the Commander-in-Chief, is willing to hold America’s troops hostage and have them not paid.



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