JoAnne Kloppenburg Wins over David Prosser? David Prosser Wins Over JoAnne Kloppenburg?

UPDATE: 4-6-11 from Fox at 9:30 pm CDT: JoAnn Kloppenburg has declared victory with a 204 (0.14%) vote lead, however, the election has not been officially called for her. There will surely be a recount, and Prosser has 7 days to file for it.

Hot Air points out that should Kloppenburg be officially seated on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, she will not take that seat until August, and barring something unseen should not have any sway over Wisconsin’s new collective bargaining law.

The Other McCain has some pertinent thoughts about what a Kloppenburg-win means for the state, and theorizes that a good many Republican voters stayed home. Read his theory here.

[Original article] An historical vote tonight in Wisconsin which can tip the Wisconsin Supreme Court to Liberal. Conservative sitting Judge David Prosser is challenged by Leftist JoAnne Kloppenburg. The last Tweet I’m seeing says Prosser is up by less than 1,000 votes. It is 12:15 am. I’m closing up shop, but it appears there will be a recount. Maybe the morning will bring a sunnier prospect and a clear win for Prosser after the absentee ballots are counted. See UPDATES below:

UPDATE 4-6-11 7:35 am CDT: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports the race is still too close to call, and Prosser has a narrow lead, and in the event of a inconclusive recount, the vote count may end up in the Wisconsin Supreme Court, where Prosser currently sits:

As of 7:35 this morning, the Associated Press had results for all but 24 of the state’s 3,630 precincts and Prosser’s overnight lead had grown slightly from fewer than 600 votes to 835 votes.

That close margin had political insiders from both sides talking about the possibility of a recount, which Wisconsin has avoided in statewide races in recent decades. Any recount could be followed by lawsuits – litigation that potentially would be decided by the high court.

620WTMJ NewsRadio:

MADISON – The State Supreme Court race is too close to call, and a final winner may not emerge for a long time…

A recount can’t be requested until all votes are in, and that would likely be early next week, though the Government Accountability Board technically has until May 15th to complete the canvas.Only a candidate can request a recount, and they have three days to do it after an official canvas is in.

In this race, if there are fewer than 7,000 separating the two candidates – which is likely – the state will pay the cost of the recount.

If the gap widens above 7,000, candidates have to start picking up the tab.



  • Ran

    I smell another FrankenFinish. To defeat the Left, one has to blow past the margin of corruption.

    • Lola

      Amen to that.. Republicans have to learn to be as corrupt to win!! Frankenstein won w/out any reason except the Dems play dirty.. shame.. shame… shame on you

  • I don’t trust recounts. Look at what happens in the dark of night an in car trunks. I hope that whatever happens is under bipartisan supervision and is above-board. This is too important.

    This just goes to show how every vote counts. For those who think their vote doesn’t count, we can cite this example as to how important it is to get out and vote every time.

  • Gary G

    Prosser Go for a walk with Scott walker and please step in front of a city bus that will be one of the best moments in wi. History

  • Gary G

    Gary G
    Prosser Go for a walk with Scott walker and please step in front of a city bus that will be one of the best moments in wi. History

  • In my mind, the real question is this: Will Wisconsin stand with the American Republic, or will it go with the Soviet left?

  • BobF

    Like Ran said, you must blow past the margin of corruption to defeat Democrats.

  • Earl

    Kloppenburg should go back to Israel, the ugly Jewish commie witch.