Crystal Mangum Stabbing Victim Reginald Daye Dies: Duke LaCrosse Accuser Crystal Mangum Charged with Murder of Reginald Daye?

Crystal Magnum

Crystal Gail Mangum, the woman who falsely accused three Duke LaCrosse players of rape stabbed her boyfriend, Reginald Daye, and now he is dead from his injuries. The stabbing happened on April 3rd. She is in jail with a $300,000 secured bond, and the Durham Police Chief says the charges will likely be elevated to murder. Mangum was charged last year, and found guilty of “contributing to the abuse of minors.” She set Daye’s clothes on fire and trashed his car. She was also charged with arson but the jury couldn’t return a guilty verdict. This woman has a long history of criminal activity. Source: CBSNews

The Daily Mail says in a 2010 confrontation with another boyfriend, Mangum was charged with identity theft, communicating threats, damage to property, resisting an officer and misdemeanor child abuse.

Crystal Mangum has claimed rape, at least one time pior to the alleged Duke rape, she has stolen a car and spent three weekends in detention. After the Duke rape trial was dismissed, she was sentenced to 88 days in jails, which she had already served. The court restored the custody of her three children to her. Maybe those children will have a chance now that there mother will be incarcerated for awhile, assuming she is. Reginald Daye was 46 years old.

  • She will get a few years in prison. Then will be freed to kill again.

    • roberta

      Crystal Mangum, is nothing but scum she deserves what is happening to her , she ohmost recked three boys life ,and had no regard to that fact, she has no remorse for what she does to any one, so as i say what goes around comes around and she is getting hers i hope thay lock that woman up for a very long time , and she doesnt deserve to be a mother to no child