College Students Agree to Redistribute GPA to Failing Students Video

Of course they didn’t, but they were given the opportunity. In the video, the top 10% of the class are offered the opportunity to share a part of their 4.0 with those unable to graduate. Remember, this is our “best and brightest.” Video courtesy of William Teach at Pirate’s Cove via Moonbattery.

Redistributing GPA to Less Successful Students (video)

  • The sad thing is, professors should be challenging these students

  • They show how selfish they really are. If they really believed inn redistribution of wealth, they would agree to this too.

  • It seems that the lefties don’t want to live by their own ideas. Just like the Goracle wants us to live in thatch huts, while he gets his private jets and mansions. In the end, it’s OK when someone else is paying. Just not them.

  • Is it really any surprise? Where is my bucket of sand?

  • Sheri

    These are people with a 4.0 GPA? This should be an ah ha moment for them, but instead they refuse to learn from it.