Chris Van Hollen: Congress Needs a Couple of Days Off – a Breather!

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) says Congress will  vote today on giving itself a couple of days off – a breather from Republicans “using our troops in a cynical way.” See the video here.

Chris Van Hollen

Remember how Health Care was pushed, and shoved down the throats of millions of protesters around the country? Remember how Republicans had NO SAY in the way the bill was written or when it was voted on? Today, the government is unfunded – entirely unfunded because Democrats failed to produce a budget on April 15, 2010, requiring short-term continuing resolutions for the last year. Now another budget is due, and Democrats are kicking and screaming – generally throwing hissy-fits that some of their beloved voter paybacks may disappear under Republican management of their mess.

Read more about Chris Van Hollen at Doug Ross. Hold your nose.

Karen at The Lonely Conservative (thank you!) linked and has the video.