Breaking: CRA Continuing for Another Week? Appears So. $12 Billion in Cuts? No Government Shutdown?

Just as Greta Van Susteran’s show hit the air she had the breaking news from correspondent Chad Pergram that the House Appropriations Committee is prepping yet another Continuing Resolution to fund the government for “mostly one week,” with a whopping $12 BILLION in spending slashed, and avoiding a government shutdown on Friday night, April 8th. More details as available.

According to Pergram, no one knows how the House freshman will vote, and he said the bill has not yet been “whipped,” meaning that Congressman Kevin McCarthy has not yet started “working” (whipping) his Caucus members to accept this legislation…legislation that will be explosive and most unwelcome to many in the House. In the last recent vote for a continuing resolution, 54 Republican House members voted no, with the CRA passing anyway.

UPDATE: Freshman Congresswoman Christie Noem (R-SD) is on with Greta now and she says the bill will be filed tonight, and that Republicans are “unified.”



  • would u believe anyone can re elect these monsters?..geez.

  • It seems like many in the GOP are spineless. They need to stand up for real budget cuts. We’ll see how “unified” the Republicans are.

  • Politically, this is a smart move. The liberal agenda is dying a death of 1000 cuts. If the GOP can continue this through the fiscal year, they will accomplish by nibbles what they could not do in one bite. As a bonus, they set themselves up as the party of responsible adults.

    Patience my conservative friends. The lib dems went into a frenzy after the 2008 elections, and look where it got them.

    Patience my friends…

    • Silver, if I understand this correctly (and I was writing as it was reported) the $12B cut is for one week. So that’s double the last CRA which was $6B, on the day the debt rose $72B. I just don’t get it.

      I think what we are seeing is that Republicans cannot make this work, with drastic measures. Maybe that is shutting things down and making Democrats get serious. I don’t see how it will happen any other way.

      Give me some ideas.

  • Doomed

    And this is exactly how they should do it.

    Pass 2 or 3 week resoulutions to keep the Government running but with each passing Resolution make the cuts bigger and DEEPER…….forcing the democrats to the table without shutting down the Government.

    I have said this from day one….keep those resolutions coming and keep the cuts going deeper and deeper…..

    Kudos GOP if this is true.

  • This means we have to raise the dept ceiling in the next few weeks. What a bunch of trash.