Barack’s Donors – Barack’s Unions: The Timeline – The Money – The NEA

Carol at No Sheeples Here has a really fine post laying out the money behind Barack Obama’s 2008 election. She has tracked it all, and the reminder is stark. When we have America’s teachers donating in excess of $32 million to, as Carol pegs him, America’s Child Emperor, your mind needs to think – hey, I’m not going to put up with this in 2012. Do you have a teacher in your family, your neighborhood? Strike a blow for liberty and start asking what the heck they are thinking. Send some quotes back to your favorite bloggers so that we can talk about these sick marxists who have dragged this country to the depths of debt and outrage, while they yell F-You and claim they wipe their rears with the American flag every night. And while you’re at it, ask those paragons of virtue who are teaching our children either nothing or incorrectly, why they put up with molesters in rubber rooms.

NObama 2012

Carol’s article is not only about the National Education Association (NEA). She spares no one: the Teamsters, the AFL-CIO, SEIU, the DNC and State and County and Municipal Employees. I hope you will read this post at No Sheeples Here and get yourself ready for the fight of your life. We thought that was 2008. Today we know it’s 2012. (Disclaimer: I understand there are many, many wonderful teachers in this country, but surely it must be clear that there are also many, many women and men in the classroom that are not worthy to be there. Parents can’t get rid of them because of Unions. It’s wrong…we all know it’s wrong.)