Barack Obama Sr.: No Connecticut Connection: Bill O’Reilly: Fact Statement on Obama Birth Scrubbed from Fox?

Carol Taber at Family Security Matters is urging us, and Donald Trump, to shift gears on Obama’s birth certificate, in order to put in place measures that will keep Obama off of state ballots for the 2012 election. This is something we can all do by working with our state lawmakers, encouraging them to sponsor legislation requiring “birth” records, and demanding the right for “forensics” on those documents, if necessary. In addition to that sound (and urgent) advise, she points to two issues with the quest for Obama’s Certification of Live Birth, which Obama has not released. One is that Obama’s father, Barack Obama, Sr. never lived in Connecticut, as Bill O’Reilly famously claimed, and he could not have secured a Connecticut social security number  (which Obama has and uses) for his son. The second is that Obama’s birth certificate (both the Certificate and the Certification) is out of sequence for births occurring the day after what we believe is Obama’s birth day. She also says O’Reilly’s Mail bag Segment on Obama’s Social Security number has been “scrubbed” by Fox News, along with some viewer comments.

Obama's Long Shadow over America

Taber cites one private investigator and says she has viewed the work of other investigators, and has done her own research:

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are two crucial problems with President Obama’s life documents.  First, the registration number on Obama’s “Certification of Live Birth” (which, as Trump recently explained to an incredulous Meredith Vieira, is not a long form birth certificate) is out of sequence to other birth certificates issued on the very next day in Hawaii to a pair of twins named Nordyke (certifications of live birth and birth certificates carry the same registration number).

Second, according to a private investigator, Susan Daniels, whose work was validated by at least two other investigators I’m aware of, the Social Security number that Obama used for approximately 25 years was issued with a Connecticut-based number, though neither Obama nor anyone in his family lived in that state at any point during their lifetimes. Source: Family Security Matters

To date, I haven’t seen a copy of Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth without the registration number blacked out. Assuming this copy, posted on Obama’s White House blog, is verifiably his own words, the registration numbers and signatures, cannot be seen. Why he feels the signature of “a Parent or Other Informant,” and the signature of the “Attendant” to the birth should be obliterated for privacy, I can only guess. The post is written in first person, and Obama calls his proof “Certification of Live Birth,” which it is not – it is a Certificate of Live Birth.

Carol also mentions that O’Reilly has tried to white-wash his earlier statements that he had “seen” Obama’s long-form birth certificate (she says he claimed to have a copy of it). I’ve mentioned this several times, because, clearly, no one can have seen it or had a copy unless BO cleared the release for that person. The thing to remember is that, if the scrub did happen, Fox didn’t have the confidence to leave O’Reilly’s claims on the website.

Unrelated to Taber’s column, is the reliance on the Hawaii newspaper birth announcement(s) for little Barry. Many, including Sarah Palin, points to this as proof of Hawaii birth. At least one announcement came 8 days after the claimed birth. The theory seems to be that neither his mother nor his grandparents could have possibly looked ahead to see the Oval Office in the baby’s future, and so there could have been no conspiracy to document a Hawaii birth.

To me it’s shocking that the conclusion has to do with looking forward to a presidential run, and not the simple fact that American citizens would want their children to be U.S. citizens. Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother, had to be well-aware of what was needed to be a U.S. citizen. She married a man without such citizenship. She surely knew the law, and so it is reasonable to believe every American would want to do everything necessary to secure that citizenship for their child. It has nothing to do with believing a baby would grow up to president.

Please click the link above and read the entire article, and consider getting involved at the state level to do everything possible to safe-guard our Constitution’s natural-born status. We need to do this now. Our time is running short.


  • From conception to deception. A man with nothing to hide would not have encapsulated his entire personal history.

    • john

      This is all about race,,how many other presidents were asked for proof? My guess probably none, they might have supplies no more than was requested bu the government.If Obama was a white dude this blog would be go too hell all you racist bastards!!!

      • john, it has nothing to do with race. Grow up. John McCain had to prove he was natural born, and after he did so, both Hillary and Obama publically, on video testified that he was natural-born. Did I mention you you should grow up!

  • The only other president I know of whose birthplace was questioned was Chester A Arthur. Some thought he was born in Canada. As for Barack Obama, given the other two comments I see, his mysterious past and efforts to conceal it naturally raise suspicion which led to inquiries. Barack Obama is as much a white president as he is a black president. BTW, it seems that Chester A Arthur was white.

    Call me a racist if you like. But the birth certificate question and that of proof candidates are eligible to be president is a critical issue.

    • Agreed, Stanford, and you are not a racist.