Barack Obama Robert Bobby Titcomb: Obama Friend Bobby Titcomb Prostitution Arrest: Titcomb Reminisces About Obama

The AP says Barack Obama and Robert “Bobby” Titcomb are close friends and last spent time together  in Hawaii in over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday. Obama and Titcomb were students together at Punahou High School in Honolulu. Titcomb was reportedly arrested for prostitution last Monday, April 4th. If you are doubting that Titcomb and Obama are close friends, read some Titcomb reminisces about Obama below.

Robert "Bobby" Titcomb

The arrest was made in the downtown area of Honolulu. The Obamas have been guests at Titcomb’s “beachside” home about a hour outside of Honolulu.

Titcomb has worked as a commercial fisherman and an airline employee, according to the spring 2007 edition of the “Punahou Bulletin,” the school’s alumni magazine.

Titcomb is out on $500 bail.

On a Punahou School page titled A Kid Called Barry, it’s all about Obama. The following are quotes from Bobby Titcomb:

…remembers his family driving to the Ke‘eaumoku Foodland after school, and “there would be Obama dribbling his ball, running down the sidewalk on Punahou Street to his apartment, passing the ball between his legs. I mean, he was into it.”

Besides family, Obama hooks up with his high-school buddies. He plays hoops and an occasional round of golf, downs his fill of sushi and poke, lays into a game of Scrabble and catches the waves at Sandy’s. His pals say he hasn’t changed. “He’s honest, he’s truthful and he’s always encouraged the better things in you,” says Bobby Titcomb. “And you always go back to those people who water your plant, who water your garden.”

Titcomb recalls when the two friends would take off by themselves into the Hawaiian forest. “We’d go hike up Peacock Flats and camp, just the two of us,” he says. “We’d try to get away from everything. We’d basically live on nuts and whatever we could eat on the trail for two or three days. And we’d talk about how the world could be. We didn’t say, Wouldn’t it be great if we could drive this car or if I could own this house. It was, Don’t you think the world should be more like this?”

And this from the archives of the Star Bulletin:

“I could see he was bound for bigger things,” said longtime friend, classmate and football teammate Bobby Titcomb. “He looked at the world more globally than the rest of us. There was something driven about him.

“But he also played basketball, tennis and hung out at the beach with the rest of us.”

“He loves Hawaii and comes back with Michelle (his wife) and the girls whenever he can,” said his sister, Maya Soetoro, who teaches history and social studies at the UH Lab School.




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  • more of his thug pals eh…sick!

  • I’d like to see some old photographs. I don’t trust this guy.

    • Jean Scout Louise

      Bobby was almost my uncle! they were definatly friends. I never knew he was this type of person. It really upsets me, he probably lost the most special friend he had or ever will, Barack Obama.

  • Gee

    Thinking about changing the world, eh! Just don’t try to get your jollies Mr. President, by trying to start with America. Get your own country to build and change.

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