Arkansas Leftist Jim Lendall Wants Guillotines for TEA Party: Off with the Heads of “Wealthy Arrogant Aristocrats”

This video is from a March 2011 anti-TEA Party rally in Arkansas, provided by American’s For Prosperity and the Tolbert Report, which says the name of the rally was Make Them Pay. The Tolbert Report links to what I thought would be their website, but no, it was the website of the Arkansas Secretary of State, Mark Martin, who shows the rally prominently on his website. Mark Martin is a Republican! Did he give a thought to what “make them pay,” might possibly mean? Sounds threatening to me, and indeed, the guy in the video, Jim Lendall (a Greenie) believes guillotines will solve the problem of those pesky Republicans.

Jim Lendall - Green Party

Arkansas Anti-TEA Party Rally – Bring Out the Guillotines (video)

  • The French Revolution ended with those who Guillotined the Aristocracy being Guillotined themselves. These idiots should remember that.

  • Great comment, findalis!

  • BobF

    The dumb fool better realize that it’s those Tea Party folks and conservatives that have been buy all the guns and ammunition these past few decades. Let’s see how his guillotine works against my 230 grains of jacketed hollow point.

    • Merle

      Internet tough guys are the BEST!

  • Nerf Herder

    Idiots. He’s not talking about guillotining anyone. He’s talking about parking guillotines in symbolic places to remind people that democracy is about people, not profits. If you’ll admit as much, then I’ll agree Sarah Palin wasn’t advocating assassinations when she printed targets on peoples’ heads.

    • Ah Nerf, you can’t get away from the temptation to call names, can you? Sarah painted targets on political districts, just as Democrats did much earlier.

  • Nerf Herder

    But of course “Arkansas Leftist Seeks to Remind Wealthy Corporations of the Purpose of Democracy” doesn’t grab your attention the same way, does it?

    • Nerf, are you confusing “Democracy” with “Republic?”