Amjad Awad – Hakim Awad Confess to Fogel Family Murders

Two Palestinian men have confessed to the five brutal murders of the Fogel family in Israel. Amjad Awad 19, and Hakim Awad 18, both of whom live in the Arab village of Awarta with their families, are reportedly affilliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). The men say they are “content” with dying as martyrs. Another six persons have confessed to helping the Awad’s commit the murders – four of the six from the same family.

Amjad Awad - Hakim Awad


According to the report, neither teen expressed remorse at having slashed and stabbed to death Udi and Ruth Fogel, 36 and 35, respectively, and three of their five children, Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and Hadas, 3 months.

During questioning, both said they made no distinction between the adults and children they murdered and would have killed the two surviving Fogel children if they had noticed them.

An Israeli IDF spokesperson said the massacre is a “clear war crime.” If you are not familiar with the murders of this Israeli family, please get the details here, and be warned it is graphic and heartbreaking.

  • And their family and community praise their actions. That is part of the crime. These boys can die as satisfied “martyrs” considering it a job well done. Islam is a sick society, teaching hate and murder.

  • I have to believe that G-d has set aside a very special place for these creatures. No rational human could do such an act.

  • michigan

    This is the norm of underlying evil rage that exists today in the minds of anti-Semitic, jihadists. What kind of culture could promote such acts? Is this what’s being fostered in the inner sanctums of American Mosques by Clerics? Time will tell.