American Community Survey Hassles Chicagoans John Beverly Scott in McKinley Park

Have you been hassled by the American Community Survey? The ACS is a government entity, a part of the U.S. Census Bureau and it is legal for them to hassle you under Section 221 of Title 13, Chapter 7, United States Code. They can ring your doorbell at 10 pm and it’s okay. You have to answer their questions, such as: what is your income, your health situation and what time you leave for work. If you do not answer, you can be fined $2,000.

John and Beverly Scott withACS Survey notices

A Chicago couple, John and Beverly Scott politely refused the survey until the door knocking and phone ringing began happening around dinner time and as late as 10 pm. There were times the phone rang and rang and rang, and the calls came through over and over. Mr. Scott said if he was not at home in the evening, his wife had to sit in the house with the lights off for fear the on-the-prowl census workers would show up. At least once, Mrs. Scott answered her door, told a woman she would respond, closed her door, and the cheeky survey-taker tapped on her window.

Scott eventually got in touch with an ACS survey supervisor in Chicago, who confirmed that by law he and his wife can be fined, but that, in this case, they will not be. Scott let the man know that he would go to court over the survey and harassment if necessary. The ACS “cycle” for hounding the people was almost over and the visits stopped abruptly.

Something must be done about the Census Bureau. It’s another factor in the government control of you and me. Counting your existence is one thing, demanding to know your salary, when you are at home and about your hiatal hernia is far-left and dangerous. Source: Chicago Tribune

  • The only answer one should give these people is: “None of your damn business!”()$%#+

    • Absolutely findalis. Some how it has become law, and Republicans must make it stop.

  • I got the census and all I answered .. yeah I’m breathin..

  • Terry Scott

    The census bureau in my opinion ask for to much detail in there approach, when the purpose
    is just to count people and let be that, that is simple and quick

    • Terry, it’s all about handing out money, redistricting political districts and controlling your money and mine. Thanks for coming by and commenting. I really appreciate it.

  • MaggieNYC

    I am currently being absolutely hounded by the American Community Survey “thugs”. They keep calling and calling. They have called as late as 10:00 at night, on Sunday afternoons, early morning, you name it. How long does the harassment continue? So far, they have not visited me, but I’m frightened that they will. I live alone and I don’t want these census bullies showing up. This is absolutely awful to be forced to give over one’s private information, (such as your health condition; when you leave for work and when you get home; how much you earn; the name of your employer; your mental condition, etc.) whether you want to or not. Is this truly America? It feels like some sort of police state. The most terrible thing of all — very few people seem to know about this. It must be made public. People need to know what is happening in America today!

    • Sorry to hear about what’s happening to you.