Allen West on Strong Men, Strong Women, Fighting Like a Girl and Broward Times Video

In this video Congressman Allen West (R-FL) is speaking to Women Impacting the Nation (WIN) on April 19, 2011. He doesn’t shy from naming names, and mentions that the Liberal Broward Times asked for an interview. They sent a young woman to do the job, hoping it would put him off-guard. He asked the woman why she would want to interview him, since her paper had never run a positive story about him. He gave her a message to take back to her supervisors: he would stand against them and all media like them – and the message for us was, we cannot back down, no matter who or what they send against us. West talks about strong women raising strong men, and he tells the Biblical story of Gideon. West says it’s not important how much money the other side raises, or what the The Always Barack Channel (ABC), The National Barack Channel (NBC) and The Constantly Barack System (CBS) does, that we must remember that God is in charge, and work for what we know is right.

Allen West

Watch Part 1 (much shorter than Part 2) of the video at Teressa-Monroe Hamilton’s Progressive Hunter blog. Part 1 speaks more to strong women raising strong men – “men of honor, men of character.” Terresa posits if West runs with Palin, Bachmann or Cain “there would be no way to beat him.”

“He’s smart, brave and moral – he is just what America needs. A warrior with a good and strong soul. A real man.”

I hope that West ends up on a strong Conservative ticket, noting that whatever ticket he may be on will be doubled in strength through his convictions.

Lt. Col Allen West on Strong Women, Strong Men (video)

For more on some of Congressman West’s bold statements, see Allen West: Community Organizer Obama is a Low-Level Socialist, Acting With Third-World-Dictator Arrogance