• He does have that kind of personality.. and arrogance.. If he was in Kenya… he’d be the dictator.. and who knows… If Jacky Kennedy can marry a Greek Mogul… maybe he could move to Kenya after the 2012 election and take over as the dictator there… lol

  • Words cannot fully express how badly I wish Allen West would run to be our next President. He is exactly what America needs in a leader!

  • God help me, I love this man so much lol

    But he needs a little more experience in DC before I’d want him on
    either half of a presidential ticket, maybe next time

    As for the tinpot dictators… they’re hard to get rid of, but
    then they go down hard and slither away in disgrace… or exile

    Our own vile regime teetering on the precipice already imho-

    • I hear your words.. but… Who do you want? Another McCain? The old guard Republicans? I hear you Reaganite, but we need someone to excite us all, and we also need someone who thinks on his feet and at the podium.. He’s had experience leading. What leadership and experience did Obama have? Sorry, not sure we can put up with anyone but someone like Mr. West. I would love Palin, but the press would have a field day on her. The NJ Gov.. well he ain’t running, and there are things he’s said and done that bothers me. Trump, to many maggots in his past.
      I keep hearing the press talking about the Republicans are uninspired by their possible candidates.. well we haven’t any yet. When we do.. man they are going to see enthusiasm… unless we get McCain again… God Help Us.. he’s had lots of experience in Government.. Sorry Reaganite.. we don’t need that kind of experience. Love ya though. hahaha

  • David Lemon … I have read many of your comments in the past, listened and watched your great videos and may I say … I agree with almost all of what you have to say, including this comment. Someone new with fresh ideas like Allen West will be the leader to turn this country back around. Hang in there my friend and keep telling it like it is. And I bet even our dear Maggie will agree that she wants to hear more from you. God bless you.

  • haha thanks Carl..

  • michigan

    Allan speaks words that resonate, at least at this point in time. He’s a leader and a patriot; and we need tens of thousands if not millions more.

  • Ran

    I’d love West as CinC, as Veep or even at the Pentagon. I hope this man runs on day. Thanks Maggie for the post!

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