Air America Nicole Sandler Arrested at Allen West Townhall

In the video Nicole Sandler, a Progressive blog radio talk show host, and former Air America host is arrested, handcuffed and walked out of Congressman Allen West’s townhall in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On her blog she says she fills-in for Randi Rhoades. West tells the disruptive hecklers they will not intimidate him. Indeed, remember recently when he received a threatening letter with white powder inside? His response was “target me – beware.” Another heckler is removed from the room before Sandler.

Allen West

Since all the available photos of Sandler look like glamour shots compared to the way she looks in the video, I’ve treated you a pic of a great patriot, Rep. Allen West. Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit broke this story. Find more links there.


Nicole Sandler Arrested at Allen West Townhall (video)

  • Where is the “civil discourse?”

    • Allen West is showing it, civil discourse is not part of a Liberal play book

  • Such character… Allen West is showing here