Afghanistan: 8 UN Workers Murdered Beheaded: Dove World Outreach Burns Koran – NonMuslims Die?

Eight U.N. personnel have been murdered, two beheaded in Afghanistan in response to the Florida Dove World Outreach Center’s burning of a Koran on March 20th. The pastor at Dove Terry Jones tantalized the Muslim world with his threat to burn a pile of Koran’s last September. That didn’t happen, but just the threat was enough that four men guarding a Christian community in Baghdad were killed in response. Dove preacher Terry Jones already had four notches on his belt, now he can add at least another eight twelve. See update below, more as available.

Terry Jones(L) and Wayne Sapp (R)

The latest incident followed the “church” holding a mock trial with the Koran as the defendant, defended by an imam from Dallas and a Muslim convert to Christianity the prosecutor. Twelve members of Dove sat on the jury. The book was found guilty, doused with kerosene and burned…and filmed…and live-streamed from the church website. An assistant pastor or a Dove member, Wayne Sapp, reportedly used the barbeque torch to set the book on fire.

After Jones’ stunt last Fall and all the publicity surrounding it, this time both local and national press ignored it, hoping there would not be more deaths. The cowardly Jones is refusing to be interviewed.

Mr. Jones declined a request to be interviewed. In a statement, he demanded that the United States and United Nations take “immediate action” against Muslim nations in retaliation for the deaths on Friday, when thousands of protesters stormed a United Nations center in the northern Afghanistan city of Mazar-i-Sharif.

“The time has come to hold Islam accountable,” Mr. Jones said.

He also called on the United Nations to act against “Muslim-dominated countries,” which he said “must alter the laws that govern their countries to allow for individual freedoms and rights, such as the right to worship, free speech and to move freely without fear of being attacked or killed.”

There is merit in everything he said, but his actions were entirely rephrehensible and irresponsible – the 8 foreign UN staffers were likely not Muslim. A question for the two imbeciles, Jones and Sapp: since you were trying to enrage the Muslim world why didn’t you buy your ticket to Afghanistan and do your act there – the way real men of real conviction would? These pitiful examples of the Christian spirit knew others would die.

There may be other deaths and certainly injuries. In the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif about 2000 protesters attacked the Unama compund.  A local iman whipped his worshippers into a frenzy after local prayers and sent them off to teach the non-Muslims a lesson. The attack is considered the worst ever suffered by the UN in the country. Ironically, the “peaceful” Mazar-i-Sharif is slated as one of the first Afghan towns to have Afghans replace NATO forces.

I am among the most ardent believers that the Koran is evil, and the core of the world’s problems in every arena, but The Dove Show did nothing to solve how we approach the Muslim jihad against infidels. Instead people are dead, again. The Afghans are solely responsible. Muslim cultures are babaric – a lesson we have unfortunately learned the hard way, but it is fair to say had the Dove Center – all dumber than a box of dirt – burning not have happened, eight twelve people would be alive today. Nevertheless these numbskulls have the right to burn the Koran. What say you? Memorandum has plenty to say. Others talking: Hotair – Allapundit.

UPDATE: The total of dead UN staffers is not at 12.

UPDATE: Uncle Jimbo at BlackFive (read it all) patiently explains what Islam is.

I find it harder every day to defend any efforts on behalf of the Afghans, but this is exactly the kind of incident that should allow all decent people to point out one thing. There are those who believe that their religion supersedes all earthly existence. They are willing to kill you if you simply disagree with them, and they claim the right to be free from offense by everyone else on the planet. They are not a simple minority hiding on the fringes of Muslim society. They are running the mosques, they are indoctrinating their flock, they are inculcating hatred, racism, xenophobia and they are directly inciting murderous violence.

Their demand is simple…….Submit.

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