Wisconsin Union Thugs Destroy Recall Petition of Democrat Jim Holperin: Police Union Members Watch

First the Wisconsin Union rowdies completely trashed the Wisconsin Capitol lawn. No. I mean they really, really trashed it. Only mud where grass once was. Now they’ve destroyed a Republican recall petition for Democrat state Senator Jim Holperin, one of the 14 AWOL Wisconsin senators, and the police are looking into it – but – aren’t the police amont the Union thugs? I think so, in this case. Police were on the scene, but the Police Chief says they were “investigating other complaints,” and just missed this one (see second video below). In the meantime, all the signatures gathered are now void. Please don’t miss the letter Holperin wrote (see below) where he lied to the residents of Wisconsin in a major way.

Jim Holperin


Recall Jim Holperin Committee leader Kim Simac told reporters Tuesday at the Lincoln County Courthouse that up to 100 pro-union protesters encircled committee members Thursday in Merrill as they sought signatures for a petition to oust Holperin, D-Conover.

A female pro-union protester pretended to be interested in signing a petition, wrote a profanity across a partially completed petition form, and ripped up completed petitions, Simac said.

Now get this, apparently there is a chance that it is NOT illegal to let people thwart other people’s right to protest their government, or destroy personal property.

Seubert [Police Chief] said Tuesday that his department still is trying to determine what law the woman might have violated. Investigators plan to review footage of the event from a Wausau television station in an attempt to identify the woman, he said.

Seubert also said that his department will forward to the Lincoln County District Attorney’s office any reports from people who claim pro-union protesters prevented them from signing petitions. So far no complaints have been made, Seubert said.

So where are those who were attempting to sign? Please come forward and tell police your story.

This from Eyeblast who provides the video below:

Armed with a bullhorn, thuggery, and the most annoying chants ever, union thugs continued their streak of ‘solidarity’.

The following took place at a recall Jim Holperin Rally in Merill, WI. As you can see, “F*ck you” is written on the ripped up petitions. The video was shot after the incident took place.

According to an eyewitness account:

This video was shot minutes after a union advocate destroyed several petitions at a recall Jim Holperin Rally in Merill, WI. The event was moved to the court house grounds because the private location originally slated to host the event was threatened with arson. It should be noted that police were present when the protestor destroyed these recall petitions, but stated to us that there was nothing they could do about it. The female protestor, who had a young child with her, approached the recall table pretending to be interested in signing the petition, then proceeded to write F— You! She then ripped up other completed petitions before being stopped. Her actions were met with great approval from the rest of the crowd, who took up the chant heard in the video.

Union Thugs Destroy Recall Petition of Jim Holperin (video)

From 620WTMJ NewsRadio:

The policemen who were there, and who were standing in close proximity to these events as they unfolded, did nothing to assist those collecting the petitions as they were being destroyed, despite such an action being a Felony under Wisconsin law. Police also did nothing to clear the walk way for citizens that wanted to sign the petitions. Recall Committee members received many phone calls the following day from Merill area citizens who stated that they showed up to sign the petition, but were too afraid to get out of their vehicles and approach the recall table.

I found this story about Holperin published on the Vilas County GOP site by Kerry Thomas:

I recalled a letter Senator Holperin wrote to the Lakeland Times on July 24, 2009.

In the letter, Senator Holperin bragged how the Democrats (who at that time controlled both houses of the State Legislature and the Governorship) had not only eliminated a $6.6 billion deficit in the State’s 2010-11 budget, but had actually left the State with a $270 million surplus.

Of course, in order to claim the budget was balanced, the Democrats had to borrow money from segregated funds (including the 911 emergency dispatch fund), raise taxes, and use $2.2 billion in federal “stimulus” funds to pay the State’s bills instead of using that money to “stimulating” Wisconsin’s economy.

The following video is footage of the Merrill Police Chief addressing why his forces didn’t stop the thuggery.
Police Chief on Why Police Didn’t Stop the Union Thugs (video)