Wisconsin Senate Orders Arrest of 14 Fleebagger Dems Senators in Contempt – Disorderly Behavior

The Wisconsin Republicans in the senate voted to give the the 14 AWOL senators until 4 pm today to show up to work or face arrest, finding them “in contempt and disorderly behavior.”

Wisconsin's AWOL State Senators

The question of constitutionality is raging. Wisconsin senators have hired an attorney. From Wisconsin State Journal:

The Senate also voted to institute a “call of the house,” which is the mechanism used to compel senators to return to the chamber.

That means the Senate sergeant at arms can “with or without force” and with or without the help of law enforcement take missing members into custody and bring them to the Capitol.

Fitzgerald said the senators could only be taken into custody if they return to Wisconsin.

To be clear, when these legislators fled their state and their duty, they did so in disobeyance of a “call of the house.”

UPDATE: The 4 pm EST deadline passed over an hour ago. Stay tuned. Memorandum is on it and their new thread says Dems are whining about “meeting halfway.”

The Glittering Eye has a good read on the Dems fleeing from Wisconsin AND Indiana. Read America’s Answer to Sharm El-Sheikh here.

  • When members of our armed forces go awol, they get in loads of trouble. Fair is fair.

  • The people need to recall these self serving leftists and throw the bums out.

  • B Stowe

    They are in contempt, contempt for our democratic system. Their actions are tantamount to an adolescent temper tantrum and demonstrate an utter disrespect for the very foundation of our nation. They should all be prosecuted and made examples of.