Wisconsin Public Workers Earn More than Private Sector Workers

Wisconsin is one of 41 states paying public sector employees an average salary higher than the average salary the private sector receives. Looking at this information from USAToday, if you think you can find a job in Nevada or Rhode Island, that’s the place to be, as public sector jobs pay close to $18,000 a year more than the private sector. Hawaii pays $12,000+ more, Florida $9,000 more, South Carolina, Montana and Connecticut average $7,000+ more. Wisconsin ranks 33rd and averages $1,800 more pay to state and local government workers.

  • BobF

    At one time, government jobs didn’t pay a lot but had decent benefits and virtually a guaranteed job. Now, you not only got a guaranteed job, you got pay and benefits that nobody in the private sector can come close to. It adds a new meaning to the term “public servant”.

  • My state is shamefully in the red.