Wisconsin Law Prof and Blogger, Ann Althouse, Threatened in Madison by Cyberstalker

There’s a Wisconsin story that I’ve not had a chance to cover this week, and everyone should know about it

Ann Althouse

because a blogger has been publicly threatened with violence for supporting Republican Governor Scott Walker. Ann Althouse is a law professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison. She and her husband Laurence Meade were present inside the Madison Capitol building and document some unsavory and uncivil behavior at The People’s House.

Althouse dared to write about it, and film it. It didn’t take long before they both became public targets. According to the Wall Street Journal, one Jim Shankman posted the following on Scirbd.com:

“We will hang up wanted posters of you everywhere you like to go. We will picket on public property as close to your house as we can every day. We will harrass the ever loving sh–out of you all the time. . . . Because we aren’t anti-social, life-denying, world-sterilizing pieces of human garbage like the two of you. WE WILL F— YOU UP.”

That’s a small sample. There are threats with the cyberstalker asking “Who are you gonna call? Cops for Labor?” – In otherwords, cops are union and they won’t be helping you. There may be more than a little truth in that.

More from Shankman:

There is no calvary. It is us vs you on the streets of the city going as far as it has to go until A) We Win or B) Doomsday.

So the obscenity in Madison has spilled over onto a well-respected and brilliant blogger. And she has been warned that she will be ruined, her career will ruined and her “sense of safety and wellbeing will be ruined.”

When Shankman works, he’s apparently a dishwasher. And now he wants to bow out of the controversy; issue the threats to life, limb and job, and drop out. Do dishwashers usually live in “townie” houses in groups of 5-7 at a time, and …well, you don’t want to know that – what am I thinking.

The same WSJ article says another Wisconsin private citizen and supporter of Governor Scott Walker, received a threat posted from a Facebook page, that promised to leave him in pool of his own blood.

Browse through Althouse’s archives for the full story.

Then return to The Other McCain and the story on how Shankman is identified, and is quoted saying “I’m done with it,” to which McCain replies: “you’re done with it, Jim — just like a cockroach is done feeding on crumbs when somebody turns on the kitchen light.”

If you’ve been missing McCain’s Smitty, he’s writing from Afghanistan has been filling some pages with excellence. Smitty,  What is a “Death-Porn Doorstop, anyway?

  • Ann and her husband are patriots and hero’s for putting themselves on the front line, in this fight to take back our country. from those who would not only subjugate, but would have no problem, stealing the wealth from everyone, but themselves.. God bless them both.

  • smitty

    A death-porn doorstop is most any Steven King novel. His “tax me, bitte” whine was the object of the post’s derision.

  • Thanks Smitty. I got the “tax me” whine, but didn’t get the “death-porn doorstop.” It works.