Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has 4 Wobbly GOP Senators?

Today Wisconsin Democrats started “recall” action against Republican state senators. Worse a newly released Rasmussen…yes, Rasmussen, poll seems to be dreadful. Republicans are showing strong support for Walker, Independents are not. The question is, how many votes from the GOP side can Walker lose and still pass his budget repair bill? The answer is three. Four are believed to be in the wobbly stage. First thing to remember is, maybe it’s not true. Maybe it’s a rumor to smack us, depress us, demoralize us.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Hot Air has the details on the polls, but here is a quote from AllahPundit to consider:

One, Dale Schultz, has been pushing to make the bill a temporary two-year fix and pointedly didn’t attend the GOP “unity” rally a few days ago, so he’s already a lost cause. But the other 18 senators did attend, which makes me think we’re well past the point of no return here. Besides, what would they gain by caving? It would enrage Republicans, energize Democrats, and encourage unions. Maybe the recall petitions against them would be dropped, but even that’s not guaranteed: When asked about it a few days ago, the head of the Wisconsin Democratic Party refused to promise that they’d end the recall effort in exchange for killing the bill.

Worst of all, to cave now would be to appease the obstructionist fleebagging Democrats for delaying the vote. There’s no doubt the bill would have passed weeks ago had they not skipped town; to switch now would be to reward them for doing so..

So if the worry is the recall, pass the word that the Progressives will likely carry forward with the recall anyway. They have no shame, morals or principles. If it happens it happens, so take care of business while you have the opportunity.

Early on, when the public servants went fleeing, there were reports that Democrat Senator Robert Wirch, D-Pleasant Prairie was facing recall by furious constituents who expected him to show up for work. Surely there is a possible recall for each of the 14, even though their district is blue. Yid With Lid, who has the story on Wirch, says this:

The law is that State Senators who have been in office for at least a year can be recalled. Sen. Robert Wirch, D-Pleasant Prairie is facing the wrath of his constituents.

In order to recall Wirch or any other state senator who has been in office more than a year, petitioners must collect signatures equal to 25 percent of the votes cast for governor in that particular senate district. For Wirch’s to face recall opponents would need  approximately 15,000 signatures.

Apparently time-in-office is the bottom line. Stephen Moore writing at the Wall Street Journal says five recall efforts against the missing Democrats are underway. So who is talking about that? Where is the news on Democrat recalls? Business as usual with a Google search. Google “GOP recall Wisconsin senators” –  no results – not a single news item for a Republican recall of Democrats comes up on the first four pages. On page 5, third from the bottom there is one line, with a link to Fox News that says “6 republican, 5 Democratic senators targeted for recall.”

Searching for “Republican recall Wisconsin senators,” one link pops up down at the bottom of page two – the same Fox article. We desperately need a conservative search engine.

Speaking of “Wobbly,” look what’s going on in Michigan:

With Republicans talking like this — “look at what a 7 percent (corporate income tax) would do instead of 6 percent”— Michigan voters may as well have elected Democrats to run the state Senate.

That remark comes from Sen. Jim Marleau of Lake Orion, who is among a growing caucus of Republican senators who are buckling under pressure from seniors and other special interests opposed to Gov. Rick Snyder’s transformational budget proposal. Marleau is suggesting that businesses, which are now overtaxed in Michigan, pay more than Snyder suggests so that pensioners, who aren’t taxed at all if they worked in the public sector and barely taxed if they worked in the private sector, can keep their inequitable status.

My advice to the wobblies: Dance with the one that brung you…please. You won’t regret it. We won’t forget it. For some insight to collective bargaining in Wisconsin, visit stellar Wisconsin blogger, Stanford Matthews at Blog@MoreWhat, who says Collective Bargaining is No Bargain.

Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch was on Greta’s On The Record a few minutes ago and said the 1500 “at risk” job notices will be going out soon. No matter what happens, Governor Scott Walker can still send those pink slips, and I believe he has the cojones to do it. When reality bites, it won’t be pleasant. Jobs will be lost, but would have been saved had the 14 Democrats showed up for work. The budget repair will have likely done some repairing. That will be a strong position at election time. Read the Rasmussen report referred to above here, and follow the big discussion on wobbly GOPers going on at Memorandum.