Wisconsin AWOL Dems UnHappy: One Pregnant, One Broke: 8 Negotiating?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s deadline passed today at 5 p.m., but Fox is reporting there is dissension in the ranks of

Jon Erpenbach

Julie Lassa

the 14 fleebaggers. Julie Lassa is pregnant and not happy about being away from home, and Jon Erpenbach needs his paycheck. State Senate leader Scott Fitzgerald is reportedly “negotiating” with 8 of the fourteen. Nevertheless, they failed to show-up for work, and the deadline closed. Tomorrow will not be a good day for Wisconsin teachers and others. Just an observation: every day is an awakening for conservatives. The moonbats have left the cave in broad daylight.  Read the story at Fox Nation.

UPDATE 3-2-11: The Democrat Senators met with Republican Senate Leader Scott Fitzgerald secretly yesterday. Fitzgerald says some of the Democrats are ready to return to Capitol Hill and vote on the bill, however he would not name those Democrats and he said there was no discussion about the substance of the bill. Today, it appears there have been no pink slips or “at risk” notices sent to employees, unless it happened late today and hasn’t yet made the news. Source: Superior Telegram

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  • Dems can’t claim to be moderate anymore.

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  • Dems are creating a climate of irresponsibility and hate. I hope all of the Democratic State Senators are recalled for failing to do their jobs.

  • Julia

    If you could only understand why they are doing what they are doing. Republican Senators would do the same thing if the shoe was on the other foot. Why not try to see all sides. This Union crap is only a means to hide the real issue which is called the truth of what this budget holds and it will effect this state. All of these cuts will effect the economy because those dollars won’t exist. This means big business winds up paying in the end because of the drastic loss of money (Walker calls savings) that is pulled from the economy. This will force companies to have to outsource to cheaper state and countries.

    Also, you might have a change of heart if you read the budget and get the facts. Just because you support Walker doesn’t mean you will if you find out some of the disheartening things that are in there. Our educational system is taking the biggest hits (and it’s classrooms not wages and benefits) were talking in the billions. Your children and family will be affected. Here are some facts for you, people would still lose their jobs even if the bill passed. Here’s how.

    •Department of Administration: loss of 75 jobs
    •Arts Board: completely defunded
    •Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection: loss of 8full time positions
    •Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board: 21.5% cut
    •Department of Commerce: completely defunded
    •Department of Corrections: 6.9% cut for 2012, loss of 333 jobs
    •Historical Society: 7.9% cut, loss of 18 jobs
    •Department of Justice: 6.0% cut
    •Medical College of Wisconsin: 13.1% cut
    •Department of Natural Resources: 15.8% cut, loss of 69 jobs
    •Public Defender Board: 4.4% increase
    •Department of Public Instruction: 8.2% cut ($530 million)
    •Department of Transportation: loss of 149 jobs
    •UW Hospitals and Clinics: completely defunded ($153 million)
    •UW Madison: split out into its own line with a budget of $494 million
    •UW System (outside Madison): 49.5% cut. It goes from $5.4 billion to $2.7 billion, so the difference is far more than the subtraction of UW Madison (total $2.2 billion). Loss of over 10,000 FTEs.
    •Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation: A new entity with a $99 million budget and executives appointed by the governor.
    •Wisconsin Technical College System: 21.3% cut

    And Please, can we refrain from hatred and name calling. All in all, we are all American’s and in Wisconsin we all live here. If somehow we could meeet on middle ground wouldn’t that be fair.

    If those who oppose want to live under this budget and new laws and those who are against it don’t want to….why not try to compromise? That’s what the people of Wisconsin should be asking for. It’s not fair for either side to point blame. Point blank, Walker refused to compromise or negotiate even after Democrats gave him the concessions he wanted to balance the budget (only temporarily mind you – the less money in the economy, the less people spend, the less tax dollars and the cycle continues). It is fair to negotiate and that’s when the Senators will come back.

    Also, nobody is stupid. When Walker said he knows at least one Senator will come back, we knew who he was talking about. I don’t think anyone would argue either that if a Democratic Governor were acting the way Walker was the Republicans would be having a media hay day just like the Dem’s are.

    Rational people understand people have differences. Rational people talk and compromise.

    • Laura Middaugh

      Is it the value of the program or the fact that the people (the public sector’s employer) have determined that there is no more money in the checkbook to pay out what past administrations have promised? The people (the employer) have voted in Walker and the representatives and they are doing what the people want. Why not play by the rules and if you have so much support try to convince the people so that they elect differently next time. If there is a next time. The country pursues matters like you (it’s not what we can afford, but what sounds worthy, what I want). It may be an exhilerating ride down but the crash won’t be so much fun.

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