US Military Determining How Long Troops Can Stay “in the Plume” – NBC News Crew Tested Positive for Radiation:

NBC’s Lester Holt said this morning he and his news crew tested positive for small traces of radiation and ABC’s Diane Sawyer is returning to the U.S., according to George Stephanopoulos, because of the threat of radiation, as well as Christiane Amanpour. Others from ABC are moving to Osaka. No word about CBS. Apparently the Fox crew remains. In the meantime, our military was exposed and had to be treated as they returned to the USS Ronald Reagan. A story not being talked about much is our military testing posting some 28 miles south of Tokyo at a U.S. naval base. How many on that base tested positive? Now we’re trying to figure out how long crews and equipment can “remain in the plume” with being endangered.

U.S. Delivers Aid to Japan

CBS News:

In some cases, crews were giving potassium iodine pills – no crews had to be given potassium iodine yesterday when 17 crew members returning to the Reagan tested positive.

Positive readings for radiation were also made at a U.S. Naval installation 28 miles south of Tokyo.

The readings at Navy Base Yokosuka (which is about 160 miles south of Fukushima) mean winds carrying a plume of radioactive emissions from the damaged nuclear reactors in Fukushima have shifted direction and are likely passing over the capital.

Photo Credit: U.S. Navy/ MC Dylan McCord


  • Wow … it’s difficult not to be impressed by the bravery of NBC and ABC journalists.