US F-15E Jet Crashes Near Benghazi: Pilots Eject, Are Rescued

The U.S. is saying a US F-15E jet fighter was not shot down, but confirmed that it had crashed landed in a field near Benghazi. The two crewmen ejected and survived. A U.S. military helicopter rescued one of the men, Libyan rebels rescued the other. Both sustained only minor injuries. See an on-scene video of the charred remains of the F-15E below. I’ll have more when and if details are available.

The plane and crew are based at RAF Lakenheath and were flying out of Italy’s Aviano airbase. A Telegraph report said mechanical failure is believed to be the cause of the crash. The Lonely Conservative  has details on the look at the No-Fly Zone and the U.S. role – expanding or diminishing? Memorandum has much more on this story and linked – Thank You.


US F-15E Jet Crashes Near Benghazi, Libya (video)