US Arms Libyan Rebels? NATO Delays Command Control Takeover

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice announced yesterday that the U.S. may arm the Libyan rebels. The Pentagon says we are considering giving the anti-government forces tanks, armored personnel carriers and helicopters as well as guns and ammunition. The President made his speech to the Nation last night about the conflict and uttered not a word about this latest development.

Susan Rice

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said this on CNN today:

“the UN mandate authorises the enforcement of an arms embargo” and Nato has decided to participate.

“We are not in Libya to arm people, but to protect people,” he said.

So no surprise that this news is breaking this minute (7:17 am CDT):

NATO is delaying the take over of command an control.

We know a supposedly small force of al-Qaeda is fighting alongside the rebels. That information came directly from the head of the rebel force. Al-Qaeda will have access to American weaponry.

Since Obama says we are there to protect civilians only…BUT Gaddafi must go, the no-fly/no sail zone cannot finish the job for the U.S.

Uncoverage was on this story as early as March 25th, and and quotes U.N. Resolution 1970, Peace and security in Africa:

Paragraph 9 of Resolution 1970 (2011) required all U.N. members to “immediately take the necessary measures” to bar the sale, supply or transfer of weapons, mercenaries, or other supplies to Libya. The arms embargo, which was adopted before the rebels had emerged as a potential threat to the regime, included no exemptions for Qaddafi’s foes.

As regular readers know, I couldn’t give a fig about the United Nations and their resolutions, but in this case, Obama has told us we are involved with Libya only because of the U.N. sanctioning us to do so. Other sources: Foreign Policy Blog. Zilla of the Resistance has a huge round-up of great articles about Libya. Visit her here for all you ever wanted to know about Libya.