Left Forum Union Plan to Destablize America: Steve Lerner – Bring Down Stock Market, Redistribute Wealth

Glenn Beck has this important story. The first video below is of a meeting of The Left Forum, March 19, 2011. Steve Lerner, formerly with

Steve Lerner

SEIU, speaks of the goal to disrupt and create uncertainity for capitalism and how corporations work – to disrupt how the system works, to bring down the stock markets, and redistribute wealth. Here’s the plan: (TheBlaze)


1) Organize masses of Americans to refuse to pay their mortgages

2) Organize cities and states to demand their debt be refinanced

3) Organize students to refuse to pay their school loans

4) Union negotiating demand: force banks to relieve debt of cities before the Union will agreeing to negotiations – and we will strike unless the force banks to lower interest rates.

5) Copy the Labor tactics of the disruptions in Madison and move it to Wall Street. “As soon as a union gets sued its going to be terrified. An injunction will cause us to backdown.

Lerner says the minute the economic news on Greece hit, the markets went down. He see that as a desirable condition in the U.S.

Lerner asks: Who would be a really good company to hate: JP Morgan Chase

Lerner’s plan: Roll out in the first week of May, a week of civil disobedience and action in New York City. The position: America has plenty of money. We need to get the money back. Bloomberg and others in government are being used to destroy Unions. Roll into the JP Morgan shareholder meeting. They’ve moved it out of NYC, so we will have a 10-state mobilization to try to shut that down. Hit bank shareholder meetings around the country.

Hope to inspire a much greater movement to redistribute wealth around the country.

You’ll remember the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) created by Congress to force lenders to give loans without down payment and no regard for credit reports. The practice brought about the housing meltdown. People could buy homes they could have never afforded with the help of Congress. As the demand for more homes raged across America, homeowners sold their homes at prices far above market value. It was one of, if not the worst scam perpetrated on us and our economy. These creditless people eventually could not afford their payments on their hyper-valued homes and the defaults began. We were in a heap of trouble, and we are still suffering through it, and because of it, today.

In this article about the Union invasion of a Pennsylvania bank (see details below video), blame is placed on ACORN and the SEIU for forcing local banks to make unworthy loans. Neither organization could have accomplished much without the backing of Congress. ACORN and SEIU can be see as the precursor to Steve Lerner latest.

Steve Lerner’s plan is well underway, dating back to July 2009, with ACORN and SEIU the precursor. BigGovernment mentions this:

Lerner also says explicitly that, although the attack will benefit labor unions, it cannot be seen as being organized by them. It must therefore be run by community organizations.

See information below videos, and read Glenn Beck’s commentary here.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvlvejSxBVQ’]
Steve Lerner talks about his plan to bring down capitalism (video)

The following video is the full, uncut version of the conversation:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgOEraouhxU’]
Full Version of Steve Lerner’s Bring Down Capitalization Plan (video)

In January, The Blaze reported “200 union protesters overwhelmed security at a Washington, D.C. hotel and barged into a mortgage banking meeting.” The protestesters were Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association, the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, and the AFL_CIO.

On March 16, 2011, a “screaming mob, of “striking Pocono Medical Center workers and SEIU members filled the lobby of ESSA Bank and Trust headquarters. They demanded to talk to the bank president and refused to until police arrived.

Here you’ll read that SEIU has on ongoing and concerted effort to force American bank workers to unionize.

Readers, there so many good bloggers talking about this. I’ll be updating some of the best below:

Linked by The Lonely Conservative who has quotes from several other sources not mentioned here.

Left Coast Rebel cites the AFL-CIO and their bold front on JP Morgan Chase, and quotes them, including a direct threat to investments – and news on ACORN’s new office in New York City.

The Other McCain has more information on the Left Forum, and a video of crazy left-loon Ed Schultz interviewing Steven Lerner (about 4:55 mins in). The subject is what you and I refer to as Card Check. The threats made by Schultz are impressive. He’s a one-man ACORN to drum non-cooperative Democrats out of office. Also lots of other links at The Other McCain.

The Camp of the Saints has conversation about the “soft coup in the United States.” Read Spread the Revolution.

Conservative Hideout points to the commonalities of Steve Lerner’s plan and Cloward and Piven’s Strategy of Manufactured Crisis – overwhelming and tearing down capitalism.

Memorandum linked. Thank You! See their thread here and here.

Linked at The Classic Liberal – thank you!

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  • “You’ll remember the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) created by Congress to force lenders to give loans without down payment and no regard for credit reports. ”

    That is bullshit on stilts. The CRA only dealt with depository institutions. The great majority of bad loans came from non-banking institutions like Countrywide who were unregulated and issued more than 50% of subprime loans. In the case of banks like Washington Mutual who pushed these loans, it wasn’t the government who forced them to do it. It was built on turning record profits while hoping that it didn’t came back to bite them on the ass.

    Short of possibly knowing how to operate an ATM, it’s obvious you know nothing about depository banking or mortgage banking.

    • TBogg I appreciate your comment because it shows just how ridiculously deluded Progressives are. You simply cannot win this one. A good place to start would be support of your claim that 50% of defaults were subprime. If that stat is true, however, think about it, it started with banks lending to those who could not qualify – and the government “made them do it.” The CRA demanded risky loans. The idea behind a subprime lender is a market for those with poor credit. They get their money and they pay a higher interest rate.

      Bill Clinton removed the regulations on home mortgages. The CRA eventually forced banks to make risky loans, in the name of discrimination and redlining. AG Janet Reno warned that “no loan is exempt, no bank is immune.” Barney Frank and Maxine Waters went to work.

      ACORN bullies entered the picture and everyone wanting a loan with no credit and no job got one. There’s a video out there of Andrew Cuomo saying banks will take a greater risk/higher risk, and there will be a bigger default on those loans. To give families mortgages to those they would not have given the mortgage. They would not have qualified except for this affirmation action on part of the bank. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFlYmLAMbrw&feature=player_embedded

      Community organizers like Barack Obama sued Citibank under the CRA and forced them to make risky loans (see BO’s name below).

      Case Name
      Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Fed. Sav. Bank Fair Housing/Lending/Insurance
      Docket / Court 94 C 4094 ( N.D. Ill. ) FH-IL-0011
      State/Territory Illinois
      Case Summary
      Plaintiffs filed their class action lawsuit on July 6, 1994, alleging that Citibank had engaged in redlining practices in the Chicago metropolitan area in violation of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), 15 U.S.C. 1691; the Fair Housing Act, 42 U.S.C. 3601-3619; the Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution; and 42 U.S.C. 1981, 1982. Plaintiffs alleged that the Defendant-bank rejected loan applications of minority applicants while approving loan applications filed by white applicants with similar financial characteristics and credit histories. Plaintiffs sought injunctive relief, actual damages, and punitive damages.
      U.S. District Court Judge Ruben Castillo certified the Plaintiffs’ suit as a class action on June 30, 1995. Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Fed. Sav. Bank, 162 F.R.D. 322 (N.D. Ill. 1995). Also on June 30, Judge Castillo granted Plaintiffs’ motion to compel discovery of a sample of Defendant-bank’s loan application files. Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Fed. Sav. Bank, 162 F.R.D. 338 (N.D. Ill. 1995).
      The parties voluntarily dismissed the case on May 12, 1998, pursuant to a settlement agreement.
      Plaintiff’s Lawyers Alexis, Hilary I. (Illinois)
      FH-IL-0011-7500 | FH-IL-0011-7501 | FH-IL-0011-9000
      Childers, Michael Allen (Illinois)
      FH-IL-0011-7500 | FH-IL-0011-7501 | FH-IL-0011-9000
      Clayton, Fay (Illinois)
      FH-IL-0011-7500 | FH-IL-0011-7501 | FH-IL-0011-9000
      Cummings, Jeffrey Irvine (Illinois)
      FH-IL-0011-7500 | FH-IL-0011-7501 | FH-IL-0011-9000
      Love, Sara Norris (Virginia)
      Miner, Judson Hirsch (Illinois)
      FH-IL-0011-7500 | FH-IL-0011-9000
      Obama, Barack H. (Illinois)
      FH-IL-0011-7500 | FH-IL-0011-7501 | FH-IL-0011-9000
      Wickert, John Henry (Illinois)

      The settlement in the above case was Citibank’s agreement to make loans to people who could not qualify for a home loan.

      Obama thought subprime lending was a good idea. See it here.

      Why, because it endeared voters to him. When you give people something they do not deserve, have not worked for and, most of all, cannot afford, you would vote for that person come hell or high water. Thus, we have Waters and Frank disgracing Congress. It is about redistribution of wealth.

      Further, housing prices doubled in a 6 years time span – because money was easy, and the government said you could have a home. So if you were going to have a home, someone would sell you theirs for a price. Nice. Now an unworthy buyer could have a home he hadn’t a hope of being able to afford.

      One last question to you: how stupid do you have to accept an adjustable rate mortgage when you know you can’t afford the loan in the first place?

      So yes, there was bundling on Wall Street, and evil subprime lenders, but it was all created by Democrats. What a miscarriage of justice that Barney Frank was not investigated for his part in the Fannie and Freddie debacle.

      • After that wonderful and spot-on smackdown, I think I’m in love with you, Maggie.

        • Bob, so glad you liked it. I guess TBogg didn’t. BTW, it so nice to be appreciated:-) Thank you!

  • Bits

    LOL. I wonder if I could convince the Japanese to build new nuclear plants on fault lines.

    That’s pretty much the story here. One guy’s evil plan for world domination requires him to convince people struggling with mortgages to become homeless in order to trigger a 2nd financial crisis, while they’re still dealing with how badly the first one worked out for them.

  • Thanks for linking. Isn’t it great when the truth comes out? Now if only the MSM would mention it.

    • LC, I’ve been looking around and I see it no where. Sure wish I have Lexis Nexis.

  • Doomed

    The fact that unions get so much money from the FEDS is exactly their plan. They dont care if the unions pension goes belly up…..D.C. will bail them out.

    There mentality is that money grows on trees or in this case is just printed by the Federal Government. Therefore they sincerely believe that causing a global crash will make their lives better.

    Its called SQUATTING…..In late 1970’s early 80’s in the Dallas Ft. Worth area a large corporation built 100’s of homes and put them up for sale….

    While the houses set empty vagrants moved into them….just up and moved in.

    It literally bankrupted a corporation that was worth 250,000,000 dollars because it took them 36,000,000 dollars to get these people out of the homes they SQUATTED in and when they moved out…the houses were TRASHED.

    It sounds like this plan is very similar to that one that was going on in the late 70’s INSPIRED by Cloward and Piven and progressives desire to bankrupt America.

    Nothing has changed.

    • Doomed, I see the prints of Cloward and Pivan all over this. Creating chaos and and an environment of fear is how they get their job done. They also know how effective the ACORN threats were on banks, and now they will try to duplicate it.

      Note that Lerner also mimicked Michael Moore. “We have the money, we’re not out of money.”

      I had not heard of the Dallas/Ft. Worth squatters, but it happened all over the country in the current meltdown.

  • Well done Maggie. I’ll link to this when my post goes up.

    Also, nice pwnage of the lib.

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  • Great post Maggie. These people should be prosecuted. They are no different than terrorist trying to collapse our economic system and should be treated as such. It’s time to start issuing some arrest warrants.

  • Doomed

    I predict world wide anarchy in the coming years because of the internet and the fact that everything can be controlled electronically now. I see the anti-christ as being the internet, No not Obama…..the collective wills of billions of people who in the end….

    when its all said and done have one over riding interest….their own self interest. It might coalesce around movements or political parties but in the end….individually its about ME:ME:ME.

    When the people realize the gravy train…the vast economic boom that has occurred since the 50’s is over. The ride of a life has ended….when they realize that the good life is not going to get any better and they missed it…..

    They are mad.

    The ride is over and what we are seeing from the left/unions/progressives is the last throes of the temper tantrum as they realize they missed the boom while many of us did not. The problem is there is nothing left….the tree is empty. What lies ahead is anarchy as the people of the world realize that their are no booms left in this planet…..only misery.

    Those of us who understand realize that a rebalancing needs to occur to go forward. Sorta like a 1/2 time huddle by the losing team of the super bowl….We need to make adjustments, we need to rethink our game plan….what we have concluded is that we need to reign in spending, reign in debt and move to a leaner economy to make room for more and more people wanting to enter the force.

    The left missed the boom…..they are like the guys who bought Yahoo when it was going from 650 bucks a share and nose diving to 50 bucks a share….they are mad….they just havent grasped that the easy money, easy days of the stock market boom are over and ajustments must be made…..

    Its their turn and they will raze the village if they need to to get their share. The money is NOT GONE they scream…you are just hiding it from us!!!

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  • Bustin

    These videos are edited, you can hear it at the 1:20 area of the first video among other areas. Not a respectful thing to do to your readers.