Two Marine Males Kissing in Afghanistan – What to do? Smitty’s Afghanistan Home Pics

Smitty at The Other McCain deployed to Afghanistan about Christmas-time 2010. If you follow Stacy McCain’s blog (and who doesn’t), you know Smitty phones home often, and continues to post intriguing content. Have you seen inside a mil tent? Can you imagine a soldier without ruggage? Smitty couldn’t. Want to know about the toitys and showers? See the pics at The Other McCain. And since we’re talking about Afghanistan, Stacy McCain has the story of two Marine males kissing in public and what to do about it. I borrowed the video below from McCain. No commentary needed, but Stacy has some.


Stacy McCain

Smitty’s pic courtesy of TrogloPundit

Monty Python British Army (video)

  • Back in my day, the troops ensured unit discipline through judicious application of what was known as the “blanket party”. This was a surprise affair to which the guest of honor usually only had to be invited once, and was quite efficacious as a behavorial modification tool.